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Stephen Ashbrook @ Martini Ranch

PhotosSaturday, March 20, 2010 - 11:17:54 pm
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Photobox ImagePretty cool night of music tonight. It was a weigh up between Muddy Violets or Stephen Ashbrook. The latter which we wanted to do, however due to finances and that we've seen Ashbrook a few times, we decided on the former. However, a phone call earlier this afternoon, and getting added to the guest list saw our plans change.

Photobox ImageWe had thought that Stephen was bringing his band down, as there was an announcement that the show was going to have a "new guitarist". However, the phone call informed us otherwise - Josh was playing guitar.

It was a really cool show. Stephen clearly remembered me from the last show - or maybe it was the first show we saw in AZ, and from stage questioned my decision not to wear my Dead Hot tee.

The band consisted of Thomas and Curtis (as usual), and was my first time seeing Ashbrook with a guitarist. Josh did a stand up job, as if that needs to be said. On talking to him he had minimal rehearsal time (a few hours before the show), and watching Thomas instruct him on certain songs from the other side of stage was nothing short of entertaining.

We hung out for a bit, but before long I had spent too much time in Scottsdale and hence we headed off, deciding along the way to hit up Teakwoods. We walked in right before Muddy Violets were starting, so it was impeccable timing. And pretty cool to see Stephen, and still make it in time to see Muddy Violets. Teakwoods was such a good way to relax and shake off the effects of Scottsdale. Muddy Violets were full band acoustic. Which is pretty much an oxymoron. It makes me think of Norman and Rock Pig - "the most aggressive acoustic heavy metal". At one point I did question how much it would be different with electric guitars. [smile]

Good set, and we were glad we opted for heading to Teakwoods instead of going straight home. Tonight I definitely noticed Brandon's ridiculously fast strumming speed. Once the band had finished, Brandon closed out the night with their bass player, with a bunch of quite impressive songs.

So it was a pretty cool night, especially since we ended up catching both Ashbrook and Muddy Violets.

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