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Here are the photos of our new home. Well ones I've taken thus far. There are a few more by using the photo icon above.

We don't have the place decked out at all, because, well, we just moved in. But you'll get the idea.

Photobox ImageFront Door

Sweet double french doors. It's kind of funny calling it the front door. There's also the sliding kitchen door to the left, and sliding doors off on the right door. Take your pick as to which door you want to go in. But technically speaking, this is the "front" one.

Photobox ImageThe main entrance / living area

Photobox ImageSame thing, but looking in the opposite direction towards the front door.

Photobox ImageKitchen

We've looked at several (albeit smaller) houses with this floor plan (including next door, and across the road), none of which had skylights. The skylight in the kitchen (and each other room - 5 in total) are amazing and make the world of difference with the lack of any windows on the south wall.

Photobox ImageDining Room

Photobox ImageLiving Room

Look at that 33" CRT, in all it's glamor and glory! Ha!

The living room has a sunken floor and vaulted ceilings. And a beehive fireplace. I can assure you, that's not going to be used anytime soon (still have about 7 months of summer to go! [wink] )

Photobox ImageMaster Bedroom

Photobox ImageMaster Bedroom Attrium

Yes, that's what we wake up to every morning. It's tough, but someone has to do it. Would have made a great new home for Genevelyn. She threatened that she'd jail break out of there. I'm inclined to believe her.

Photobox ImageMaster Bedroom Attrium

And that's what it looks like inside the attrium. It could do with a bit of a cleanup. But it's rad. And amazingly great when you're entire south wall is the neighbors fence (hence no windows).

Photobox ImageGenevelyn

Speaking of Genevelyn, there is the girl right there. Keeping guard in the living area. Or something like that.

Photobox ImageOffice

Well, soon to be office anyway.

Photobox ImageRock N' Roll Room

The Les Paul gets it's own room. [smile] At least for this photo.

The soon to be Rock n' Roll room. Otherwise known as the "soon to be the formally known as the seafoam green room" room. [wink] Doesn't look like much right now, but after some paint, and the magnitude of items we have for the walls, and maybe a jukebox at some point, it's going to pretty cool.

And then you have the outside. Desert landscaping the way, just the way we want it. No two car garage. No lawn I should mow. No painting our faces in picket fence white. (Well done to anyone who gets that reference!)

Photobox ImageOne thing virtually all of the walled villas in the area have are cool Spanish style gates. Can you say "you had me at Spanish style gate"?!? I can!

Photobox ImageFront patio just inside the gate. Full length glass sliding doors from the kitchen look out on this.

Photobox ImageNorth side of the house, taken under our Palo Verde tree. Yes, that's right, Palo Verde tree. We also have a Saguaro. If you'd told me five years ago I'd have a yard with both, I would have laughed. Or more likely drooled. The garden couldn't be much closer to what I've always wanted.

Photobox ImageAnother view of the yard, with sed Palo Verde tree.

Photobox ImageThe decently sized back patio. And yes, that's a clothes line. Not exactly a Hills Hoist, but it's pretty incredible that the house we liked had a clothes line. How very Australian!

Photobox ImageA shot down the side between the front and back.

We've also got a couple of bathrooms, a huge studio (originally the garage 35 years ago) and a bonus room (third bedroom off the entrance converted into a more open room) which I don't have photos of. But you get the idea.

Did Somebody Order A Desert Oasis?

Oh Wait, That Was Me!

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It's been another busy day. More packing and taking loads to the house. Including Genevelyn, who, unlike us got to sleep at the new digs. You'd think she'd be impressed by that. She wasn't one bit. Our girl, she doesn't like change, that's for sure!

We did however get to have our first meal here tonight. No furniture, no appliances, so the dinner option was an obvious one - a party bucket outside sitting on the patio wall on TV trays.

It may be somewhat influenced by it being Memorial Day Weekend, but it's incredible how quiet the neighborhood is. And we had it pretty good at the apartment, and I never considered it to be "noisy" really. But this is a whole different thing all together. That, combined with sitting under a Palo Verde tree, looking at a saguaro, it kind of feels like we did get a place in Apache Junction - smack dab in the middle of Tempe without the hour commute.

The weather has also been incredible this weekend, especially for late May. Today was slightly warmer than yesterday, but not by much. Sitting on the patio towards sunset was just brilliant.

Which I guess brings me to the title of the blog entry. I snapped this just as night was falling. Yep, that's right! It wasn't easy leaving to go do more packing.


It's Official

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Much has happened over the past two days, and I certainly don't have time to write about it right now.

But I did make a point to make things official today...

Instagram Image

Adios Hardy & Baseline

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When we decided on this apartment, 4 months shy of 3 years ago, the deciding factor was that it was an equal 3 minutes distance between Yucca Tap Room and Last Exit. Well, price, size and it being a safe complex played into the decision. But the closeness of those two music venues was not lost on us, and did factor in somewhat. Ironically, Last Exit closed the week before we moved in. The closeness of Yucca has time and time again proved awesome.

I just got home from my final bus ride to the apartment. And I can't help but think, as I have over the past 2 or so weeks, that decision has proved to have been such a great one, beyond the proximity to Tempe's finest bars.

The closeness and convienence of public transport to get to and from work has just been awesome. Exchanging 1 and a half hour commutes to work (in Melbourne) for 20 minute ones has been pretty nice.

Back in 2005, the Hardy area seemed like a weird and distant land. We hardly ever came down to this side of town, and I thought of it as just factories. However, having lived down here has actually been really cool. What I hadn't noticed back then was the nicer area that we lived. Or the great view of Papago Park and Camelback Mountain while driving down Hardy, flanked by palm trees on either side (at least once you get north of Broadway). I'll miss the daily scenic trip down Hardy.
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To Hell With California

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I'd rather sink right down to the desert floor than entertain any thoughts of moving
Nothing sums up my life right now more than that line. And maybe Plymouth Manor. Though I don't have a milk create, and I wish my life was packed up in a box.

Packing has started tonight. What a great way to spend a Friday night after a long work week. [razz] Frankly I am completely amazed by how much stuff we've managed to cram into a 700 foot one bedroom apartment. And equally daunted by it. Tell me again, are we having fun?

Ghost Ship Sailors CD Release Party

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Tonight was the most fun I've had in a while. The Perusaders CD Release Party, with a great line up of bands. And a lot of good friends in attendance. We've been looking forward to tonight, and it did not disappoint.

The boys were really on fire tonight, and it was hard to miss the smiles all around.

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Zubia & Laufenberg

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Instagram ImageFor months, literally, we've wanted to check out Lawrence and Thomas' bi-weekly gig at The Herb Box. Weekends are rough to find the time. But our bigger issue is that we tend to end up seeing The Persuaders either on Friday or Saturday nights, which just makes Sunday afternoon seem like over kill.

However, the planets lined up right this weekend. And by god, what a great Sunday afternoon for it. We had some house business to discuss and finalize, and what better way to do that on this glorious day over Kilt Lifter's listening to Lawrence and Thomas. Just the perfect. And so relaxing. Relaxing. That was so very welcomed.

It was also a great opportunity to pick up tee's, which are both bitchin' and rad. And to pick Lauf's brain about the artwork over lunch.

Really, really great time and I think we both really needed it!

Comfort Food

Pete's Chicken Nuggets

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Here in Phoenix, I don't have a lot of options for comfort food. Admittedly, I do alright. Hell, it's the South West. Among other things, we have some of the best Mexican food options around. It's one of the many things I love about living in the Valley Of The Sun.

But there are times I can't deny the intense craving for a good ol' meat pie, or a sausage roll. I've had a few times recently where I would have I've wanted nothing more than to devour one - or a dozen. But I'm shit out of luck when that sort of craving hits, unless Katie makes them (which requires time, ingredients and preparation - none of which play well with out of the blue cravings).

And don't get me started on pizza. This country's obsession with pepperoni. The whole "Canadian Ham" thing. And Hawaiian pizza? It might be named after the 50th state, but I don't think there is a type of pizza Americans embrace less. I will never understand that. Not only because it is the superior pizza topping choice, the irony is palpable. As far as I'm concerned, while America prides itself on pizza, this country is kidding itself. A pizza from Gino's local joint in Melbourne, small ham slices, pineapple by the plenty and not a sign of peperoni - now that's a pizza!

Instagram Image

With all that said, god bless Pete's Fish & Chips. Sure, I still do get cravings for Aussie fish & chips. Y'know what I'm talking about. What's more Australian that tucking that warm sack of deep fried potatoes wrapped in white butcher people under your arm on a Sunday afternoon? Walking home, and unwrapping that Sunday lunch which cost $5, but is more food than any two people could eat in one sitting. I don't think I've come across anything in the US that closely resembles that experience. And while Pete's chips are delicious, even they are closer to American fries than good ol' Aussie "chips".

But their chicken nuggets - that's a whole 'nothing story. Right from the first bite, it's like you've instantly been transported to the southern hemisphere. I might not have a lot of options for comfort food, but Pete's chicken nuggets can single handedly make it all okay. Really, these things are to die for.

None of this is actually news to me. I've known the wonders of Pete's since 2006. But that didn't change my absolute delight when we stopped off at Pete's for lunch today.

Bless you Pete - you've been serving the Valley since 1947; and keeping this Aussie a little more sane since 2009.
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