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I'm not one for New Years Resolutions. I'm just not. But with that said, I am going to consciously do something this year. Take a photo a day. Well, at least one photo a day.

I toyed with the idea a few weeks ago, and then questioned it as the new year drew closer. On the surface it seems like an easy thing, especially since I feel like I'm always taking a photo. But regimented, every day for 365 days - that seems a little bit daunting.

It's not a new concept, I'm sure a Google search will reveal many people who have done it before, with various rules. These are mine:
  1. Each photo must be taken on a given day. No re-use of photos I've taken in the past, or stocking up on shots for the future. Scouting subjects for future shots is fair game though.
  2. Each photo should have artistic merit. Just snapping something doesn't count. Since art is subjective, I get to be the judge of whether a photo qualifies.
  3. Each photo should be interesting. This mostly means variety subjects, and not shooting 100 shots of saguaros or sunsets. I already know this is going to be difficult, and that there is going to be some degree of similar subjects throughout the year. But the goal is to avoid that as much as possible.
Only a few simple rules, though they're enough to make this somewhat of a challenge.

I'll be doing this via my Instagram feed, hashtagged "aphotoaday".

Here's where I'm starting all of this, at Papago Park on January 1st. And, begin...

Instagram Image
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