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So in this house we've heard enough of aesthetic atrophy. We were over it when we first read it in the Phoenix New Times a few weeks ago. See Nothing Not New: I'm No Critic But I'm Also Not a Fan. I'm a Listener. Not unlike Cizmar's "Downtown Is Ovah", which was cute for about a lunch time.

The original beef began with the suggestion by the original article that there is a problem with rejecting Avante Garde music, with the so called coined term 'aesthetic atrophy' by Martin Cizmar. That beef soon turned into a beef around 'aesthetic atrophy' finding itself a wikipedia entry in record time, and it being referenced in more or less every following issue of the New Times.

Katie wrote a letter about it, and since we hadn't picked up a hard copy of the New Times today, so I just went to the New Times online to see if it had been published. It hadn't. While on the site, I took a look if there were any new music articles to check out. The review on the new Drive By Truckers caught my eye.

I'd hardly count myself as a huge DBT fan, but every song I have heard has pretty much blown me away. Saw them on Letterman last week, figured it was worthwhile reading the review.

Didn't get any further than two short paragraphs into the review before seeing 'aesthetic atrophy'. Hyperlinked. To the wikipedia entry. Excuse me while I fucking puke. The "we're the New Times and we're so fucking cool and clever" tone of much of what is written is so asinine.

Thoughts on aesthetic atrophy to follow...

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