A Bust Of A Weekend

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Well, it's been somewhat of a bust of a weekend.

Brad and Jamie were supposed to get in on Friday night for their Spring Break fun in Phoenix. Due to delays in Kansas City they missed their connector in Dallas, and alas were stranded there. We saw Violet Wild at Teaks on Friday night. The plan was to pick those guys up at hopefully they'd catch the end of the show. So much for that! Shame too, as it was a good show. I am developing a reputation as Bobby's tambourine coach, which is entertaining. [smile] The upside with the Brad and Jamie situation is that the band were done by midnight, so they wouldn't have caught much.

Incredibly the next flight to Phoenix they could get was on Sunday night - which just blows my mind! On Saturday morning they opted for getting a rental car and doing the Dallas to Phoenix drive (about 17 hours). Major American Airlines fail! Given that they'd driven from Ames to Kansas City to fly out, and drove from Dallas, they effectively only flew quarter of the trip! Since they weren't here on Saturday night, we skipped Los Guys at Teaks, but stayed up to see Strange Young Things at The Rogue Bar. We showed up at midnight, and we asked for an $8 cover each! FUCK THAT! I'd much rather see them at Yucca and give the guys $14 directly than do that! So we ended up just driving back home.

The kids got into Phoenix about 9am on Sunday, hilariously at least 12 hours before the earliest they could have gotten here by waiting for a flight! Tonight we went out to Frashers to see Josh & Bobby acoustic. Weird place, and it looked like tonight was going to be another bust, and it got to 7pm with no sight of them. However, they did show up, and surprising to all of us, played until 10:30pm. Brad really wanted to see Josh play, and certainly by the end of the third set could say that he had. [wink] Afterwards we headed over to Four Peaks to eat dinner. Thankfully they we still serving dinner. Having spent the last 4 hours at Frashers, Four Peaks was an awfully welcomed and comfortable change of location. I went with my standard - it's notable that Four Peaks chicken strips remind me incredibly of apartment hunting.
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