Bad Domain Names

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So I was outside having a smoke this morning, staring off at a parked van, and the URL on the side:


After wondering why you'd want to rent a service kill tropical plants, my eyes scanned to the passenger door of the van that said "Rentokil Tropical Plants". Which seemed to make more sense given the image of a live and healthy plant on the van.

Probably not the best domain name in the world. [smile] At very least, they should make the URL a smaller font than the company name!
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The Hilarity Is Back

Dead Hot Workshop On Point Of Ventre...Again

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Okay, now that we have a place to live, it's time to catch up on Point Of Ventre episodes. We're not doing too bad and are up to last week's episode with Brent and Kylie Babb.

Right from the get go, just like last time, it's an absolute laugh a minute.

  1. Red Sovine (Acoustic In Studio) - Brent & Kylie Babb
  2. E Minor (Acoustic In Studio) - Brent & Kylie Babb
  3. I'll See You In L.A (Acoustic In Studio) - Brent & Kylie Babb
  4. Mosquito Coast (Acoustic In Studio) - Brent & Kylie Babb
  5. Push Luck Shove - Dead Hot Workshop
  6. Houston Is Dead - Dead Hot Workshop
  7. Last Train (Live) - Brent Babb w/Steve Larson
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We Have To Dip Our Feet In The Sand

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Thanks to Aaron we scored a studio copy of Venice. It hadn't been my favorite unreleased Moods song, especially compared to say Satin Box. Of course, I'd only heard the live acoustic Josh & Ryan version (thanks also to Aaron, ironically! [smile] ).

My first reaction was that the studio version wasn't even as good as the version I was used to. How wrong could I be however, as the first verse kicked in. This song is absolutely the shit. It's funny how you (somewhat continually) come to terms with the fact that The Black Moods days are over, and then you hear something like this and curse black and blue that they broke up! Fuckers!

In related news, I also got my hands on a copy of the Charmers Green CD Remedy For Everything recently. While trying to find some info on the album (before getting it) I did find three tracks online - which was weird to think that they'd been out there for so long, and I hadn't come across them years earlier! Absolutely favorite was certainly Last Time - not wholly for a different reason than why I love Venice - the awesome Kennedy guitar work. Just one of those songs that it's hard to believe I lived without knowing. In any case, I got a copy of the whole album last month. First impression was that it was great to have (obviously) but didn't move me beyond the songs I knew on the first listen. However, it only took two more listens to be totally hooked. A particular fave (which I didn't care for too much on the first listen) is Keeping Annie Under Wraps. Awesome - but then again, is there any song with Josh wailing anything but.

Remedy For Everything is another thing that makes you curse black and blue when you think you're over the break up!

Long live the Charmers Moods! [wink]
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Remakes That Don't Suck

I Want To Love You

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This is a retro active post, but it's impressive how a remake of bad songs can be really good.

I few months ago I downloaded Akon's I Wanna Love You - I have been listening to The Maines version for quite a while, which is great. Although I didn't know the original, I knew that the treatment of it had to be really impressive, given it was an R&B song. Actually downloading the original very much confirmed it. It was even worse than I had imagined. Yet The Maine's version rocks.

It's not the first time this has happened. Both Robin Wilson's covers of Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys sound great. I remember years ago when first hearing them not even recognizing them initially as songs I normally despise.
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