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I have one thing to say - Aaron Roder is my hero! [smile]

Photobox Turns Two

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Over the last few weeks it's dawned on me that Photobox is about to turn 2 years old. It was around this time two years ago that I got the software written. In fact, it was more or less finished on May 22nd, and put online on May 29.

On reflection, while the development process has been pretty long, looking at the code and original version, it really has grown a lot over the past two years. The development cycles have been fairly staggered, but intense once they come around.

I had hoped to get the latest version (v2.2.0) finished and online around now, to coincide with the anniversary, but I really haven't had time. One of the biggest features in the latest version is the ability to tag photos. This is something I had thought would be cool quite a while ago, no doubt influenced by Flickr, but hadn't thought that it was a priority over other features I wanted to add. After I got version 2.1.0 finished and online, I started development on tags in March, and as soon as I got it working realised how valuable of a feature it is. It'll be good to get this deployed sometime relatively soon.

Nether the less, it's interesting to look back on Photobox's origins, when when it started the only intent was a quick way to put my photos from the 2005 trip to Arizona online easily, and it quickly turned into a fully fledged application.
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Scott Johnson's Myspace Player Updates

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Tonight Katie was excited, and I soon realised why - Scotty has uploaded Stop! to his myspace page - titled as Stop Tempe Version - which sounds pretty much like the Mayberry Studios demo version. It seemed like the mix was somewhat different, but that may have just been Katie's laptop.

The main point of this is that it reminded me of when Scotty put up Think I'm In initially - which I kinda reembered to be while I was still at work at Motile. however according to my blog it was August 2005. Either way, the point is the same - how long ago that was, and how long his music player went without any changes.

While listening to it, we both expected the big ending that the Blossoms do, but it wasn't there. This made me definitely think that it was a different mix from the demo CD, however on playing that, it wasn't. Quite weird, because otherwise I couldn't work out where I was used to that ending, given that that's not how the demo version goes. On doing a search, I realised that versions of Stop! by the Blossoms are few an far between, just being the XM Radio show, and the demo CD. So, I guess that we must be used to the other ending from the XM Radio show, but I would have never guessed that to be the case.
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Tonight Katie and I booked tickets for Pirates Of The Carribean At Worlds End for next Thursday night.

Katie mentioned how it's interesting that the movie comes out here before it does in the US. Not only in terms of the time difference, but it opens on the 25th in the US (26th here), although on reviewing that, it seems like the release date has been pushed forwards globally to the 24th, apparently despite what most of the fliers say.
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Shootings In Mexico

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While watching, ironically enough, The Mexican, I read on the The Watering Hole of drug related shootouts in Sonora, Mexico.

20 Dead In Sonora Shootouts

Interesting, given that this time last year (give or take two days) we were crossing the border, headed towards Puerto Peñasco. If there is any upside to not doing Circus Mexicus this May, I guess that's it. Although, on checking out where Canera is, it is, although fairly north in Sonora, a good distance from Rocky Point. Neither the less, interesting that it's happened this close to Circus Mexicus May 2007 (this weekend). That combined with the new record, makes it less painful not to be in that little fishsing village this weekend.

Though, all the same, I have definitely been feeling that I miss Mexico.

New Posters

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Today I finally got some posters up, that I've been meaning to do for a long time.

Photobox ImageRoger Clyne & The Peacemakers at the Orpheum Theatre, Flagstaff, Arizona - Saturday April 9th, 2005.

This one cost a bit to get framed, but was worth ever cent, as I got it from the show - the next morning I went back to take a photo of the marquee, ended up chatting with the owners of The Orpheum, who kindly ran inside and grabbed the remaining poster off the wall and gave it to me.

Left of it is Steve Larson's setlist, from the show, handed to me by Steve after the show.

Photobox ImageGin Blossoms Promo Photo 2002 and Just South Of Nowhere DVD cover, both signed.

I've had these since probably circa 2003, both coming from the bands manager at the time.

Photobox ImageFizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy poster.
This is really cool to have, and I've actually had this since 1996. Another one that wasn't cheap to frame, as the reverse side has a 1996 calendar, and I got a double sided frame for. Which when I got it back in Febraury I wasn't at all happy with the job that was done, and having to pay extra to get the frame on the reverse finished. Neither the less, the front side looks bitchin'.

And yes, beside it is the Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers 'Broken Dummer Tour' PHrisbee from Circus Mexicus last year.

Photobox ImageFear And Lothing In Las Vegas.
Last week, Katie called me while she was at school, excited at a poster sale, in particular Fear And Loathing posters. Immediately I had to ask if they had any of the Stedmen drawing of Johnny. Ever since I saw this photo on Flickr (which incidently is a painting the photography did, which I think is cool ass), I've wanted one.

So when Katie said they had it, I knew I needed one, and we went down and got it last Friday after my job interview. There were a variety of Fear and Loathing posters, and given they were $11 each, or 2 for $19, I decided it was better value to get to, and that the one of Johnny from the start of the movie also needed to be purchased.

I'm really glad we went down and got them, because that wall would look really bare with the other posters now up. Funnily enough, these are the only new ones. The rest I've had for years, just haven't put up.

Photobox ImageKokopeli.
And finally we got our Kokopelli, that travelled to Australia with Katie, up on the wall.

It's really taken a while to get some of these up, but it looks pretty bitchin' that they're up!
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Along with the new computer, last week I also picked up a UPS - something I have been meaning to do forever (at least 3 years), but never gotten around to.

Unfortunately I haven't thus far gotten nut to work with it, which is pretty much fine, since the main reason for it is to stop my server rebooting any time there is a slight drop out in power, which looking at my uptime (of which is also effected by restarts and kernel rebuilds) happens at least every three months. Over the weekend I thought about how I really need to give it a test out. I didn't get around to it, which turned out fine, when I woke up this morning to obnoxious beeping (which initially I assumed was Katie's phone / alarm), as the power had gone out, and the UPS did it's job.

The UPS was funny, cool to buy, not much enjoyment for the money sent - until the power goes out and my server continues to run. [smile] Sweet. I really should have done this years ago.

No More Beautiful Songs

First Live Show Since NMBW Release

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Finally a current live Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers show has been put up on Live Music Archive. This is something I had been anticipating, given how little I like the new album, and had some hope that hearing the songs live would be different.

However, I can't say that the live renditions of the songs made them any better. I'm still prepared to give it a chance, but at this point, it's looking like there's not much chance of me warming to No More Beautiful World.

Blah Blah


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When We Go To Mexico

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Today, not withstanding a lot of battling with iTunes, and fixing Katie's iPod that had seriously gone pearshapped, I got Mundy's song Mexico onto my server. Great, great song.

All pretty fitting, given that it was a year today that I was taking off for Mexico last year. Via the U.S of course. Definitely weird to think it was a year ago!

Promise me it will get better. And it'll heal in the bright weather. As long as we're together, I don't mind. If we go to Mexico.
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Dead Hot Workshop Demos

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The two weeks have been fairly hectic, what with sorting out new computers, and job interviews. As such, I completely forgot about the talk of some Dead Hot Workshop demos that were circulating. Having a moment of down time to check up on that, I've discovered that someone uploaded them to me almost a week ago, without realising it. It's weird to think I have demos sitting here for almost a week, without giving them a listen.

That was sorted out this morning, when I noticed them. I had actually suspected that the CD was going to be something I already had, but I was plesently suprised when I saw that it wasn't, and that there is a great deal of demos of songs that made it to record (A, E Minor / Incorporated, Lead Thoughts, Timex, G-Daddy, Burger Christ. Slice Of Life, Rise Of Decline, Fuck No, Last Train Ride, Crackerbox, Mercades, River Otis, Choad, Sex With Strangers - actually, a majority of album songs) along with the expected rarities.

Too cool. I must say I was extremely excited that A was on there.
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2006's Most Played

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Over the weekend I've down made some updates to Hitter, which includes ranking albums and artists in addition to songs, and the ability to display charts for the last year. Which has been interesting, to check out what songs and albums I listened to the most. It would appear that my top albums last year look like this...

[hitter:table user="ord" start="20060101" period_type="year" table_type="albums" /]

Of course, I only wrote Hitter in March 2006, so it doesn't account for what I'd listened to previous to that. Though, I would think that if I did have stats for the first two months of last year, it'd only give Karma Cover Apple a bigger lead over everything else.

Tangled by Dead Hot Workshop turned out to be my most played song last year (pretty impressive, given the album was released in November!), and Dead Hot Workshop came out (not too surprisingly) as my most played artist last year.
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New Computer

Chimera Get's Replaces

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With the death of chimera, it was time for a new computer. Ironically, I'd just said to Katie how we'll the last one had lasted. Famous last words!

In anycase, I picked up the new one today, which I'm quite happy with, especially given that I got out of it cheaper than I even expected. Additionally on Friday I picked up a pair of 320GB SATA drives for a raid array on my server, to avoid any risk of losing data. With that sorted out, and a new machine with another 80GB, I've certainly gone from having a severe disk space shortage, to having plenty, which is really nice.

Additionally I went with a new 22" inch widescreen LCD which I got a deal on with the new computer. While I wasn't going to initially, I decided to go with it, and I can say I'm pretty happy that I did. The widescreen LCD is definately so much better for watching TV and DVD's. And don't even get me started on what it's like to have desk space back!

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