Ghetto Cowgirl and Tramps & Thieves

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The fun weekend of music certainly continued tonight. Unlike last night our timing in leaving was a lot better, although we technically just rolled into Teakwoods before Marc & Thomas started.

Photobox ImageThe half of Ghetto Cowgirl acoustic was an absolute blast! Fun fact, tonight was four years and 11 months to the day since the last time I saw Marc & Thomas play (excluding Yucca Open Mic the other week). Between Norman's stage banter and Laufenberg's pedal board, I'm happy to report that not much has changed in all that time. [smile]

Awesome setlist. The one set list surprise to me was No Sound, which I can't say how much I loved. All of the acoustic favorites were there - Ten Tons, To The Point, Same Sad Story, Don't Care - well, the entire set list were the acoustic favorites in my mind. The only two that seemed unfamiliar (acoustically) to me were Thing Like That and Bar Room. The former being and interesting swing version. And the latter having a solo from Thomas that really blew me away.

It was definitely an hour of laughs, which I guess goes without saying when you have Thomas and Marc on stage together. And I must say that Teakwood's PA is certainly perfect for the acoustic gigs.

Definitely having had seen The Black Moods last night, and watching acoustic Ghetto Cowgirl tonight, we both had a huge sense of how awesome it is to be back in the desert!

Tramps did a great and fun set. Emmett mentioned last night's Peacemaker's gig which I had completely forgotten about. Apparently it went well. During Tramps' set we had a cool music chat with Thomas about Loretta and local music in general. And the fact that I always have my iPod on me came in handy tonight.

Fun times at Teakwoods Tavern & Grill. Yet again!

Here's To Black Moods!

Strange Young Things & The Black Moods @ Martini Ranch

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So last night was a hell of a lot of fun.

We were actually going to swing by Teaks before the show and catch 45 minutes of Dead Hot Workshop. Thanks to Wordsmith on Tivo, we didn't get off the couch until 9:15, and after getting gas, it was clear by the time that we should abort and just go to Martini Ranch. Parking was a bitch, but amazingly we got one right outside of Martini Ranch.

Photobox ImageIt was a good thing that we aborted the Dead Hot idea. As we were waiting to get in we could hear Corey singing. If we'd known we certainly would have gotten our asses out to Martini Ranch earlier. No idea what time he started playing, but we were at least in time to hear Dirty Mothers (apparently by request for Chico) which was pretty awesome.

Photobox ImageAs much as I love seeing Strange Young Things at places like Yucca, seeing them on the Martini Ranch stage with the light show they had was really something!

It's been a long as time since I've seen The Black Moods. The last time was May 13 2006, which was one of their final shows. It may have been their second last show actually. So it was pretty exciting to see them back together. And they played a very nice mix of new and old. I'd heard that the set list was all new stuff, however it was an equal mix of new songs and the old ones. Josh also announced that they're working on a new record. Not news to me, but the public announcement definitely confirms that.

The new songs (some of which I'm familiar with) sounded great. And I don't think I could have been any happier with the old favorites that made the set list (It's A Drug, Sick In Bed, 7 Day Binge, Frontline, Tall, The Black Moods, Star Of Your Movie and Virginia). Particularly seeing Frontline was pretty awesome!

I got some good photos, the following two totally being the pick of the bunch:

Photobox Image

Photobox Image

I'm pretty impressed by how well the photos of Chico came out. And that one of Josh would definitely have to be the best Josh Kennedy action shot I've taken to date!

I was having too much fun to worry about video, but I did get 7 Day Binge recorded.

There is another gig later in April at Martini Ranch scheduled. I can't wait. And really hope they have Strange Young Things open again! Here's to black moods...

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