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It's been 4 years 10 months, and god knows how many days since the last time I've seen this. Marc Norman. Thomas Laufenberg. An acoustic guitar. A microphone. The Yucca Tap Room.

Thanks to the marvels of Facebook we heard that Marc & Thomas were going to play at open mic night at midnight - about 3 hours before it was set to happen. And hence is our brilliance behind living 3 minutes away from the Yucca. We rolled up at about 11:45. By the time the pair were ready to take the stage, it was obvious that we weren't the only ones who'd come out to witness this, even on short notice.

It was definitely all killer, no filler, the guys breaking out To The Point. Same Sad Story and Ten Tons - great picks for their set. Marc was the exact same form as I remember in 2005 - announcing that it was a gig, and keeping everyone informed once they reached the half way point (after To The Point), and their "encore" (after Sad Story). [smile] Glorious!

Good times. It needs to happen more - well, not necessarily the 3 song set at open mic, but you know what I mean. According to Thomas, it will, and in the very near future. [wink]

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