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Well that was unexpected. Not long after walking into Teakwoods tonight to catch what we could of Los Guys, Mark called up Andrews and Riggs to play a few old songs with them.

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I was pretty happy to see the pair play together on Wednesday night. Getting to witness this also was like having your cake, and eating it too!

I love Tempe*.

* Or Chandler...whatevs! [wink]
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Eastside Records

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We ventured out to Eastside Records today. The store re-opened the week we were in MO, and we've both been dying to check it out. Weeks and weeks have past with the best intentions every weekend, but each one has just slipped through our fingers.

It didn't feel like Friday today, at least until we tried to park. Work parking at Fulton proved to be useful.

Very cool new location on Forest and Mill, which was bigger inside than it looked from the outside. Had a lot of fun looking through the vinyl, and found some great deals on some Church and The Cure wax. The other excitement was finding some cool 'Mats promos, as well as new copies of the Sorry Ma and Let It Be remasters for very good prices. And to round out the 'Mats finds, Katie found the I'll Be You 45".

All in all, it proved to be a very fun and fruitful visit. Although we've wanted to go a lot earlier than this, it worked out well that we went today.

The Pistoleros 20th Anniversary

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Tonight has been much anticipated. And even that might be considered an understatement. It's not every day that you get a show like this, or a lineup like this.

A last minute lineup change (yesterday) saw Dani Zubia and Tramps & Thieves added to the lineup, which pleased us greatly. And made for a very Zubia night, which seemed quite fitting. Despite every best intention, we missed the start of Dani's set due to parking, though I doubt we actually missed much. Tonight was the first time we've managed to see her cover Hey Jealousy. Wow. Immediately before hand, I had one of those gut feelings that she was about to do it, and was not surprised when she started singing "do you think it'd be alright...". Despite that, I wasn't ready for her version of it, almost losing it moments into the song. Amazing.

Photobox ImageA great acoustic set by Emmett and Scotty. Tramp & Thieves as a full band would have been such an obvious billing for the night, though it was pretty cool to see the acoustic duo under the lights and with the amazing sound of the Crescent Ballroom. And I got to hear the amazing acoustic version of Galloping Hearts which just kills me every time.

A definite highlight, in what was a great night all 'round, were the Sand Rubies. For me, from the moment Dave & Rich hit the first chords of What Am I Supposed To Do?, the room was electric. I was majorly impressed by the band the last time I saw them, probably 2 years ago. But this was different. I've since had the time and means to devour pretty much their entire discography. Rather than a really good band playing songs I mostly didn't know, tonight it was a really good band playing songs I desperately wanted to hear. I could not have been happier, but my night was definitely made when Babb requested We Don't Do That Anymore, which Dave gladly honored as he "would do anything for that man". God bless you Brent.

The intensity of the Sand Rubies, a band that has been around for over 25 years, was amazing. Winston Watson looked akin to Animal behind the drum kit, particularly through the first song. And served up a blistering drum solo covering Dave while he changed a string during Primevil Love; a drum solo that would have made any 80's hair band proud. Hell, Dave ended up with at least two more strings dangling off his guitar by the time they got to their closer. Witchdoctor. Watching the band tear through their exhilarating 45 minute set, I was reminded not to waste any time or tears on bands that are phoning it in. There are bands on the complete other end of the spectrum, that will just amaze you every time. They're not the richest, and their not the most popular, and will go largely unsung while the fame and fortune goes elsewhere. But by god, if you happen to find those bands, and they exist, hang on to that. The Sand Rubies are one of those bands. Actually, everyone on tonight's bill is.

There was one negative aspect of the Sand Rubies once they'd finished though: the unshakable desire to see them do it all over again tomorrow night, and knowing that ain't going to happen. [smile] Love that band; it was a great 45 minutes of bliss.

Photobox ImageDead Hot Workshop followed up with a great set, with Brent delivering a particularly great performance. I remember reading an article from 1990 about an early Dead Hot show, which was described as starting loose and working up into a tight frenzy as the night progressed. It's kind of a profound account to me, because 20 some years on, I myself witness pretty much what was described in that article. And that's not a diss. Dead Hot Workshop have remained a consistently amazing band, and it's remarkable (but not all that surprising) how specific elements are still visible, to the point that seeing Dead Hot Workshop is almost like it's still the famed Mill Avenue days of Tempe. You need to experience it to fully understand it, but it's not a negative - it's part of the charm and that "undefinable" thing that makes Dead Hot Workshop that makes them the band that everyone loves, always. With all that said, there was no build up tonight, with the band incredibly focused and tight from the first note.

Wilson joined them for what turned out to be a rather interesting rendition of Ray. For about three minutes, it was like your brain was collapsing on itself, trying to cognatively process what was happening, but being completely unable to. You can count on Brent to have the perfect remark for a given situation, and "we're going to take that back to the garage and put it back together" after the final "Raaaaaaaaay" was absolutely one of those moments.

Photobox ImageThe Pistoleros were obviously the main event. Although I didn't know it at the time, I would give anything to have been at the first Chimeras gig, which took place 20 years ago last night. And I absolutely wanted to be around for their 10th anniversary. So needless to say, I've been highly anticipating tonight, to celebrate their 20th anniversary for the past 6 months, when Zubs first mentioned it to us. I wouldn't have missed for anything in the world. A definite highlight of the night was Another Time, Another Place from Mistaken For Granted, which was also re-released tonight. Amazing to hear that one live, it being one of many that hooked me on the band all those years ago.

Another highlight, which we were clued in on about a week or so ago was Mark Riggs, the original Chimeras drummer, making it out for the show and joining the band for a few older songs. Seeing the Pistoleros is somewhat of a rare opportunity. Seeing Riggs perform with them - well that is much closer to a "once in a lifetime" one, and one that I'm grateful for.

Like the Sand Rubies, performing before me were absolute pros. They kinda got screwed on the fame. And the fortune. But it doesn't matter, because these guys are the real deal, bonifide rock stars. I couldn't help but think, watching Lawrence execute his patented rock moves, and deliver that growling voice through the microphone, that these guys to me, are every bit of what the Rolling Stones are to them. And how there was absolutely no place in the world I'd rather be than here, yelling out the words to the songs that have musically shaped my life over since the mid 90's.

Photobox ImageThe world famous Truckers On Speed finished out the night with a blistering set of cow punk, to a largely cleared out Crescent Ballroom. I realize that The Pistoleros were the headliner, but I don't know how anyone can leave when Truckers are on the bill. People - I don't get 'em. Despite the fact that I wanted to rock out closer to the band, my feet just didn't have anything left and we had no choice but to retire to the bleachers. But that was no reflection on Truckers, who played a thoroughly enjoyable set, and much like everyone else, exact what I wanted to hear. And having a perfect view of the band from the front row of the bleachers was probably the one upside about the thinned out crowd.

Other random show notes:

Levy runs a hell of a tight ship - or at least he did tonight. In between set smoke breaks were incredibly rushed, and I barely made it back inside for some of the sets, as the set up / breakdown time's were unbelievable.

Picking up the new Mistaken For Granted was very cool, despite having an original 1995 pressing. That became even more true seeing the extended liners once we got home. Additionally, I was pretty happy to be able to pick up a Sidewinders shirt.

And You Thought Record Stores Were Dead

New Zia Records Store

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It's all to common in this day and age to hear of record stores dying and closing down. Actually, I have a book on decease record stores that I should find and read.

That fact alone makes the new Zia Records location in Phoenix all sorts of amazing. The Indian School location moved a block north into a larger building on Camelback, and officially opened for business today. Larger indeed. It would seem that the building was probably once a furniture store, and is all sorts of huge.

We were like kids let loose in an enormous candy store. Excitement levels were raised within minutes when we saw the t-shirt screen printing. Flipping through the designs, it wasn't very long at all before we came across designs for Replacements tees. Both Sorry Ma, and Let It Be. Incredibly apropos to recent conversations we've been having.

Then it was hours (literally) wandering around the shelves and shelves of CD's, conveniently with many band dividers, which isn't typically the case at Zia stores. As a result, rather than the more typical look for specific items, this prompted a lengthy browse through everything. And it didn't take long for the stack of CD's we picked up to grow to an uncomfortable size, which after 2 hours really made our hands start to ache.

The impressive amount of vinyl got a more typical "looking for the specific stuff we want" treatment. In an event of complete irony, they did have a used copy of the Empire Records soundtrack on vinyl. Something we'd desperately wanted earlier this year, and then had someone pick us up a copy when they found 2 in L.A a few months ago. We carried that around for a bit, but eventually decided that we didn't need two copies.

Once all was said and done, we'd lost at least 2 and a half hours, and I'm sure the staff wanted us to just leave. And in that two hours we'd accumulated a fairly ridiculous stack of CD's and vinyl, that we determined that we should probably widdle down somewhat (including passing on an original pressing of Remedial Math Rock that I'd been carrying around, which may or may not have been a mistake) before proceeding to the counter.

Hella fun. I won't lie, my feet were sore as hell and we both were a bit worse for wear by the time we walked out of the store. If i was to do it all again, I'd be more prepared and have taken a cut lunch. [wink]
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