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Now That's A Slideshow!

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It's been a couple of months in the making, but tonight I got the latest update for Photobox done and online.

After years of defending the half ass slideshow functionality I wrote about 4 years ago, it wasn't long after I got this update started that it was obviously that this functionality was much needed. If that old slideshow functionality didn't look like a joke before, it does now.

Without a doubt it makes my photos look much better. And Photobox no longer looks like it was written 6 years ago.

As always, getting it to cross browser compatible (read: getting it to work in IE) was fun. Despite using ExtJS extensively, IE problems were still free flowing. These updates also prompted me to install IE7 in a VM for testing after getting it working in IE6, which is notably the first time every I've installed IE7 anywhere. There were some spectacular crashes under IE7. Internet Explorer continues to be the poorest excuse for a web browser I see. Nice to know nothing has changed. [wink]

Don't Mess With This Teddy

(Add / View Comments) (0)Monday, February 21, 2011 - 01:47:05 pm
(Posted Under: This Desert Life This Desert Life)
The shitty overcast days of this weekend have gone. The sun is shinning. It's a public holiday. And Emmett and Zubs are playing an 11am gig in Old Town. This day is quite frankly coming up Millhouse.

I've noticed this countless times. Pretty much every time we've driven down Scottsdale Road. But clearly, I've never actually looked at it in any sort of detail before. I don't know what made today any different than any other time we've driven past it, but I read the sign for the first time ever: "Mandell's Shooting Supplies". That's probably the farthest thing from what I've thought the sign was for what I wasn't paying proper attention to it.

And by reading it, for the first time today I noticed that the teddy bear is totin' a machine gun! Holy shit! I don't know what is more striking, the fact that it's the sign of a teddy bear holding a machine gun, or that I've glanced at the sign so many times and not noticed the machine gun. Ahhh, the south west...

And as for the reason we were in Old Town in the first place, great way to spend the lunch time hours. Great tunes while also getting to do some planning for next month. And y'know, the unspoken customized playlist for me didn't hurt at all. Absolutely.
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Oh Yeah, I Should Put That On The Wall

(Add / View Comments) (0)Sunday, February 20, 2011 - 05:03:06 pm
(Posted Under: This Desert Life This Desert Life)
While not hitting the road this weekend sucks, it's made for a hell of a productive weekend. A lot of stuff that has been continually been put of has actually gotten done this weekend. Like the remaining stuff that needed to go up on the walls.

The Kokopelli that we got in Sedona went up today, within a week of purchasing it. Surprising that it hadn't happened earlier, but it being so cool it's taken this long to decide on where it should go. But that's pretty quick considering the Long Wong's t-shirt. That went up today also. However, I framed the damn thing 4 months ago, and it sat in the closet until now. It's about time we actually got that up, and I must say it looks damn good on the wall.

And hallelujah, the Gentlemen After Dark poster from Tucson is now up. That's another one that has taken way too long to get up on the wall. The place is looking pretty sweet now.
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San Diego Road Trip...Not

(Add / View Comments) (0)Saturday, February 19, 2011 - 10:06:05 am
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On Wednesday when we looked into our plans for this weekend and saw that the San Diego Zoo was hosting "Koalapalooza", we took it as a sign that we were absolutely destined to go to San Diego this weekend.

Though, getting sick again at the end of this week had different ideas.

Valentine's Day Weekend

Sedona Shopping, Holy Cross Chapel

(Add / View Comments) (0)PhotosPhotosPhotosSunday, February 13, 2011 - 10:55:31 pm
(Posted Under: Travel)
Photobox ImageA reasonably early start this morning, so much to see, so little time. The way to my wife's heart is through a free hotel breakfast, and after that, we set out to drive around and see more of Sedona during the day. Stopped out at a lookout and took some more great photos.

Then we headed back into town to check out the shops. Lot's of cool shit, and really hard not to go nuts and send ourselves broke. It would have been very easy.

Photobox ImageAs it got later in the day, we headed off, stopping at another place on the way out of town which made us both wish we had more money than sense and could have just brought everything we saw there. As a result, there was no hope of making it to Montezuma Well on the way back. Next time. So instead we stopped at the Holy Cross Chapel to check it (and the mansion across the way) during the day. We were both getting tired, but you're not hardcore unless you live hardcore. Or so we keep telling ourselves.

Photobox ImageGreat views of both the Chapel and the surrounding area from the hill that the chapel was on, and was really worth stopping there, I'm really glad that we did. Up there gave a really good view of the mansion also. Turns out that it's not misappropriation of funds by the Catholic church, but rather is owned by the scientist that came up with the laser used in lasik eye surgery. Listening in on conversations can be quite educational.

Around 5 it was time to head off. Fun had been had, the time was neigh to head straight back to Phoenix. Well, with a stop in McGuireville for gas. And to have the realization that there it's no longer possible to be swilling in some McGuireville bar.

It's not been a bad weekend for taking great photos. While the 245 photos I kept seems like a lot, it's only a small portion from the 1023 shutter releases over the past two days. And yes, my finger has a welt from where I grip the camera. [wink]

Photobox ImageJust south of Black Canyon City there was an amazing sunset. One of those spectacular Arizona "every color in the sky" ones. I can only imagine what Sedona would look like tonight...

Valentine's Day Weekend

Montezuma Castle, Sedona & More

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(Posted Under: Travel)
Well, despite taking a whole week to come up with a Valentine's Day Weekend plan, I think we were quite successful.

Photobox ImageMontezuma Castle was always. I've been wanting to see it for years, virtually since I saw the Tonto National Forest Monument ruins in 2005. Definitely worth the wait. In pure Mark & Katie fashion, we absolutely got our money's worth out of the entrance fee, spending a good 3 hours out there. And as a result, ran out of time to see Montezuma's Well. That's us for you.

Photobox ImageFrom there, it was onwards to Sedona. Y'know, the Sonoran Desert ends just north of Black Canyon City. Well, the saguaros do anyway. Desert landscape becomes rolling plains. Getting closer to Sedona, you expect the red landscape to hit you. But those plains just keep on coming and for as far as you can see. To the point, where you end up deciding that you probably had the wrong conceptions about what Sedona was like. Then you turn a corner, and fuck, what you were expecting slaps you in the face in all of it's glory!

Photobox ImageStopped at the rangers station for a bunch of photos. Having the tripod and shutter remote made for some brillent photos. Y'know, how good most of those photos are made the shutter remote worth every dollar. Went into the station to get some information, and got the low down on what time sunset was, and the best vantage point. With that info, it was off to the airport lookout.

Photobox ImageThe drive through town and then up the hill to the airport was pretty amazing. We got there just as a bunch of girls straight from a spa, in gowns showed up. Over the hour or so we were out there, suggestive questions about what they had on underneath jumped the shark after the second time. I think they felt the same way by the end also. Great views watching the sunset over Sedona. And it was a fairly average sunset, yet the views were still amazing, so I can only imagine what it'd be like on a night of one of those spectacular sunsets.

Photobox ImageOnce the sun was gone, it was time to check into the motel, a bit of downtime, before going to check out the shopping area of Tlaquepaque. We'd seen it briefly on the way in, and it was great going out there at night. Nothing was really open, but walking around and checking it out was great. The added eeriness at night made it absolutely worthwhile go tonight rather than tomorrow. No shortage of photo opportunities either. Mental note: become a millionaire and have our house built in this style.

From there, it was time to find some grub. It was, after all, around 9:30. Drove around for a while, having Prescott memories - the town shuts down at 6pm. [wink] Before long we were heading back towards the rangers station, which was quite reminiscent of being on the bus to Research at 8pm. There's a memory for ya. Turned around at the Holy Cross Chapel, marveling at the mansion across from it, before heading back into town.

Photobox ImageWith limited options, we opted for the Red Planet Diner, which was conveniently located close to the hotel. And to boot, was an alien themed diner. Too cool, and actually seemed like the perfect option. And reminded me of something I haven't thought of in quite a while - I need to go to Roswell.

Ghetto Cowgirl @ Yucca Tap Room

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(Posted Under: Tempe Music Scene Tempe Music Scene, Music Music, Live Shows)
Ir was only a week of so ago that I expressed my Ghetto Cowgirl withdrawl symptoms, and so it wasn't hard to be excited about tonight.

We rocked up at 9:30, which unfortunately wasn't Ghetto's start time. Which turned into a win, because we managed to use the time effectively to devise a plan for this weekend, and next. Which was a major coop, as we've been drawing blanks on that frustrating all week. However, it all came together smashingly tonight in the Yucca car park. And not a moment too soon!

Ghetto rocked. There is virtually never a time when that isn't true, but all the same, it was one of those nights where Yucca is like the most magical plakce in the world. There was no shortage of crowd participation, which no doubt added to that feeling.

The scheduling made going over to Teakwoods for The Black Moods not that feasible, so we skipped it. Which was actually a good thing, as we really needed to get home and sort out things (like accomidation) for this weekend.

The Maine @ Devilpalooza

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So, if there was anything that would make the irony of The Maine touring Australia next month easier to swallow, it would have to be the last minute announcement this afternoon that they were playing at Devilpalooza at ASU tonight. Free show at 6:30 PM. Major Friday Victory! And given that it was The Blaze all those years ago that introduced me to The Maine it seemed like a fitting place to get to see them.

Once Katie got home we headed downtown. Found an awesome car park on Apache, and walked up to the stage minutes before the band started. A perfectly executed last minute plan. And y'know, it was really cool to finally get to benefit from living in this college town.

Really cool set, and I quite enjoyed hearing the new songs. And by new songs, I mean stuff from Black And White as well as stuff from the new EP, since we didn't manage to see them last year. Plus, Black Or White is still technical fairly new, the conception that it isn't only comes from the fact these kids don't waste any time when it comes to pumping out new material.

Surprisingly it wasn't quite as packed as we expected. Given that it was Th Maine, and at ASU and a free show, we figured it'd be a freak show. But it wasn't really, which may have been because it wasn't announced until the last minute. Either way, it kinda made for a better experience than when we saw them at Venue Of Scottsdale.

It also become apparent to me that I'm old. Which didn't become apparent due to being in sea of young kids. It was the realization that with the kids of today, the rock stars or the show is no longer the main attraction of a concert. Instead it's loudly talking to your friends, and even more so, spending the whole time on your PDA/phone. I'm a geek if the ever was on, but half an hour in a sea of kids makes me realize that I'm not even remotely as chained to technology as the today's average kid. Which is fucking hilarious to say. Especially since I'm typing this while road tripping, and have more bags of gadgets for this weekend than I do for clothes. Netbook is on my lap, iPod is next to me, the big bag with all my camera stuff is beside me along with the tripod. My PDA and phone are somewhere here. Yet despite all of that, these kids that would rather be on Facebook, Twitter or texting rather than paying any attention to the band are actually far more chained to technology than I am. It's a very sad realization that the rock stars of today are actually telco staff and developers. And y'know, I am a developer, but that doesn't make it sadden me any less. It's definitely a fucked up part of this generation. Clearly I'm old, because I don't get it.

In any case, it was a pretty sweet gig to happen. They were opening for another band, which we had no interest in, and split afterward. The location was sweet, and took no time to get home, and with all things considered tonight, that was another much appreciated thing.

Green Day Packers

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In the car Katie brought up the point that we can't go to a Superbowl party without having a team to root for.

Let it be known, I'm rooting for the Green Day Packers. [wink]

Wastin' Time On The Tube

Slash Redoes The Dr. Dan Theme

(Add / View Comments) (0)Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - 04:30:23 am
(Posted Under: Music Music)
You know how it goes. You get on YouTube, watch one video, click on another one, and it turns into a thing. The next thing you know, you've lost an hour of your life. But y'know, hardly ever does that not uncover something really worthwhile.

For me, just now, it was clicking on a bunch of Slash videos, via watching Steven Tyler fall off stage. Which culminated in clicking on this - which I only did because I thought it was a Marshall ad.

I had no idea what I'd stumbled across until hearing the oh so familiar guitar riff. Slash redoing the Dr. Dan theme for MMM, it doesn't get much cooler than that.

Makes me miss the M's. But still, thank you YouTube.

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