When It's My Moment In The Next Year

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Moment In The Sun or Next Year - why can't Ed's producers decide on a theme song?!? Preferably Next Year. [smile] But for crying out loud, choose one!

For that matter, why can't Channel 10 decide on when to air Ed? After delaying season three for 2 years, then putting it on daily at 1pm. Then two weeks later, 11:30pm Wednesday. Then 3 weeks later, 11:30pm Thursday. Who knows when I should set the VCR for when I'm overseas?

Furthermore, there is something not quite right about watching Ed at 11:30pm (or 12am the other week) at night. Night quite right at all. I hate TV stations!

Shows, Shows, Shows

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Man, the nights are already looking like they're going to busy:

02/04 - Tempe Music Festival - Roger Clyne & P.H Naffah, Collective Soul, Live (Tempe, AZ)
03/04 - Steve Larson (Tempe, AZ)
06/04 - Babb Bros (Brent & Kyle) (Tempe, AZ)
08/04 - Scott Johnson & Troy, Ghetto Cowgirl (Tempe, AZ)
09/04 - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers (Flagstaff, AZ)
21/04 - Gin Blossoms (Solana Beach, CA)
22/04 - Gin Blossoms (Santa Ana, CA)
23/04 - Gin Blossoms (Laughlin, NV)

That's already lined up anyway.

Sadly I'll miss Truckers On Speed (same night as Peacemakers), and a rumored Dead Hot Workshop and Steve Larson show, while in California seeing the Blossoms. [frown]

Oooh I'll be pissed if I later hear Steve joined his old band mates for some songs that night!

Update: 08/04 - Scott Johnson & Troy, Velvet Elvis (Tempe, AZ)

Two Blossoms in the one night! (Scotty, then Phil in Velvet Elvis) Bring it!

Tempe Music Festival

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(Posted Under: Travel, Arizona Trip, Music Music, Tempe Music Scene Tempe Music Scene)
So much for a quiet first night in Tempe!

Tempe Music Festival.

Roger & P.H, followed by Collective Soul, followed by +Live+. Should be awesome, as long as I'm not passing out from jet lag.

Provided I can at least stay awake long enough to see Roger & PH, I'll be content. But hopefully I'll be good for all three acts - seeing Collective Soul & +Live+ will rock.

Viva La Tempe

CD Rating System

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(Posted Under: Music Music, Tempe Music Scene Tempe Music Scene)
Truely an excellent CD rating system.

Music or Muse.

Admitadly it was cooler before I realised I was looking at the Phoenix New Times (and particularly an article authored by Bob Merh), but hey, props are props, even in local rags.

Shame this rating scheme hasn't caught on world wide. [biggrin]

In other late music news....

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The new Offspring album sucks. Admitadly I'm not suprised. Though based on Spare Me The Details, I was prepared to be suprised.

Spare Me The Details I'm sure any old Offspring fan will tell you, is a sell out. I'd agree entirely - but I can't get enough of it. Awesome catchy song, sell out or not. But the rest of the album, is just like the last one - whatever it was called. [wink]

Similarly, Good Charlotte have finally made me cringe with their latest single. Long before I had heard the band, I detested them by association. But once I did hear them, I was quite impressed, and proceeded to purchase Good Charlotte and then more impressively The Young And The Hopeless when it was still a new release. Listening to their performance of Lifestyles from The Panel yesterday reminds me of how much the bro's voices impressed me when I initially saw it.

Though, I'm sad to say, their new single is just terrible. Though, I guess they've done well - in that I completely set out to hate them, and it's taken 3 albums before I cringed. Still, a shame given they were another band in this day and age of music wasteland that actually impressed me.

Blink-182 Break Up

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Obviously old news now, but given I'm checking this still works for my trip...

In 1998, this news would have been music to my ears. [wink] However, today, my response is "damn, another great band down for the count". At least for the near future.

Not that I've ever been a Blink groupie, but since Enema this band has impressed me more and more with each album, and these days I'd rate them as one of the top current bands. So unfortunate, given that it was only a few months ago, listening to the self titled album, arguably the best to date, that I was quite interested to see Blink's next offering - given how good each album has been since the last, and how good Blink-182 is, whether they'd further surpasss this, or whether they'd hit their high point with Blink-182.

While I'm not crying into my beer, this is definately a huge blow to the ever increasingly crap music world, especially given how much Blink have musically matured over the years, especially with the last album (while maintaining the pure Blink comments about gym class, ropes and boners [wink] ).

In honor of Blink, I must ask the eternal question - My friends say I should act my age. What's my age again?

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