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It's been a good day. At midday we drove out to Mesa to see a lunch time outdoor Mark & Emmett gig. It was a really nice day today, and perfect for it. Unfortunately we got there a little late due to traffic, but caught most of it. I hadn't expected there to be so many people out there. Pretty nice way to spend such a nice day. We sat up the back, I had the foresight to bring the camera and tripod and got some pretty nice video of it.

Had a cool chat with Emmett afterwards. It's surprising that he isn't completely sick of seeing us, given how many times we've seen him play in the last week and a half. However, he had a shit big grin on his face from stage when we rocked up and waved. Probably happy to see people under 60.

Photobox ImageAfterwards we stocked up on Vegemite taking advantage of $10 off at World Market, and then decided to climb A Mountain. I've wanted to do it for a long time, and we finally made it happen today. A fair step incline to begin with, though it got better after the initially part. Which funnily enough, is paved (well, black topped) and from the bottom it looks like the easiest part of the climb. Not so much. Some pretty nice views from up there.

Photobox ImageWe proceeded all the way up to the top, where the TV / radio (for the Blaze if I recall correctly) is, which gave more good views. Though, unfortunately the tower obsquired the view to the west, and we weren't came to climb over last few rocks, mostly because Katie was in flip flops and had done good just to make it this far. On the way up we obviously passed the 'A', and from up close it was quite easy to see where the away team had vandalized it (painted it purple) recently as we saw on the news. From the top it was also cool to look down into Sun Devil Stadium.
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