Silverbell CD Release

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This is going to be a great night, especially since I've been anticipating this album for at least the last 10 or so months.

I'd actually seen this flier at Teakwoods on Saturday night. Love the album title, and the artwork.

Drinkin' & Stinking

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Instagram Image

Post game wrap of this crazy rock n' roll weekend. Very high Zubia quotient, seeing at least one Zubia every night. And impressively on Friday saw all three in the one night, with Dani & Lawrence performing acoustic early in the night, and then Mark with Los Guys later. Saw Long Last Lonely Mile performed twice in three days. Heard some long gone Pistoleros tunes. Jammed Poison songs with one half of Tramps & Thieves. Drank more in terms of volume and frequency than I have in a long time. And came closer to copping a microphone to the face at a Ghetto Cowgirl show than I ever have at a Strange Young Things show. It's been quite the long weekend.

Papago Park

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As always, I wish this was my backyard...

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Thanksgiving Eve with Tramps & Thieves and The Pistoleros

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Photobox ImageThere is so much I could say about tonight. But I think it's best summed up by quoting the Zubia's: if everybody's heart is with you, you'll be alright. That line resonated with me tonight anyway.

Amazing show. Amazing night. There is no better place to be on Thanksgiving Eve than Teakwoods.

You Can't Always Get What You Want

But Sometimes You Might Get What You Need

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That was proved tonight in the form of a Strange Young Things show. There had been nothing going on this weekend. However by tonight I needed a good rock and roll show to re-ignite on my faith in the world. These boys delivered.


Eco Friendly CD Packaging

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It's a crock. All you need to do is look at your trash on any given day to realize that eco friendly CD packaging ain't doing jack to save the world.

All it does is make it hard to maintain a CD collection that isn't dog eared.
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Ash Avenue Bridge

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We put aside some time today to head down to Tempe Beach Park, to take a last look at what remains of the Ash Avenue Bridge before the city begins it's bastardization of it this coming Friday.

For the past two years we've hoped that the bad economy would prevent the plans going ahead. But alas not. If there is anything to be thankful for, I guess it's that Katie noticed the press about it going ahead this week.

Nothing lasts forever. Certainly not around here anyway.

Dia De Los Muertos

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The upside of Dia De Los Muertos falling midweek is two weekends of celebrations. This is my favorite photo from this afternoon.

Photobox Image
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