William Blakes Birthday

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Tongiht after work I headed down to Melbourne Uni, as Katie was going to a party for William Blake's 250th birthday, put on by one of her co-workers at UMPA.. I hadn't really realised the birthday part until I got there, just knowing that it was a party and there would be readings of Blake.

Admitadly I don't know much Blake, or really any beyond the few lines at the end of 100 Summers, and the Songs Of Innocence reference. Of which, one cool thing was looking at the prints for Songs Of Innocence.

Despite that, I thought it was cool especially by how into it they were, and while not knowing a lot of Blake, I could relate to it in terms of doing that sort of thing in regards to Hops. And Katie read "Proverbs Of Hell", so I got my " Prisons are built with stones of law, brothels with bricks of religion"
, which I was happy about. I thought a lot more of the passage was Blake, but I guess the majority of it is Rumbald.
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Election 2007

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I don't know about anyone else, but I'm a little concerned that the country is now run by someone who would turn gay for his wife!

I think Rove said it best - "Your wife's a man?!?" [smile]

Returning To The Swamp

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Today, in the midst of Christmas shopping, I took Katie down to where I used to work, which has been on the list of things to do for a while.

It wasn't a bad day for it at all. Cool part of it was the signs were up, which was somewhat suprising, since my understanding is the company is long gone from that location. We'd actually walked from Northlands, and so I was up for taking a break to have a smoke and cool down - and what better, than my old smoking spot. It was somewhat suprising after lighting up how it seemed like such an old familar thing, looking out across the road, when it's been about two and a half years since the last time I've done it. It really made it weird to think it had been that long.

After going through the mall, we headed over to the Chickie Bar for some lunch. It was definitely entertaining finding out that Katie thought we'd just nick named it that, and was suprised that was the name of the place.

In anycase, it was a quite worthwhile side trip from Christmas shopping.

Gin Blossoms on Mark & Brian

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This morning the Blossoms were on the Mark & Brian morning show. We woke up at 3:50am to tune in. It seemed like a good interview, at least in terms of length, in comparison to Scotty and Robin's appearances on The Blaze recently, which made it annoying that the stream cut out half way through.

And right before they did Hey Jealousy semi acoustic, which I'm still yet to hear get done acoustically.
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New Website Design

Welcome To Lead Thoughts

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The site redesign is complete, well as complete as it's going to be for now anyway...

I'm quite happy with the look, and how easy it was to add the new theme to the site. The work I put in 3 years ago, taking a leaf out of the book of the CSS Zen Garden approach really paid off. I also really like my new title, which I initially came up with thinking of my blog, but then decided to go with site wide.

The tagline however has been a painful task, and the line from Burning Girl is pretty much a temporary one until I come up with one something more fitting. It's fits the purpose for the moment, and is at least better than "New Markable Experience" and a whole slew of other funny ones we came up with tonight. Which may find their way into a rotating tagline in the future. [wink]
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Bash A Blossom

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Once every few months it's time to randomly bash a Gin Blossom on the Peacemaker's Watering Hole for, good reason at all. This time around it's Robin' turn, which is fairly usual.

No matter how many cell phones Robin sings into, or how many Rib Fests they play...

  1. Roger Clyne's bands will never sell as many records as the Blossoms
  2. Roger Clyne's bands will never make as much money as the Blossoms
  3. Roger Clyne's bands will never be as globally known as the Blossoms; and last, but hardly ever least
  4. Roger Clyne's bands will never be the quintessential band from Tempe, Arizona
Which is saying nothing about either The Refreshments or The Peacemakers, but just the comic relief I get from the fact that no matter how much whining goes on the Watering Hole, or elsewhere the simple facts will never change.
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Google Calendar on iPod

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Today I came across this for sync'ing Google calendars to your iPod...

Sync Google Calendar with your iPod

Works quite well.

Melbourne Cup

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Ahh, Melbourne Cup day again. This year I was going for the hat trick, as I have picked the Cup winner the past 2 years in a row. Doing it for a third year running would have been pretty cool.

However, my streak did eventually break this year. Although, it didn't neccesarily look like it would towards the last seconds of the race as Purple Moon took the lead for a bit at the end of the race. At the end of the day, especially since I made the pick while rushing out the door to work yesterday morning, coming second isn't that shabby, I'll take it.

Katie had to work at Melbourne Uni, which really is a crock of shit, so I taped the race for her, which we watched when she got home, not too long after the actual race. Watching it together was kinda disappointing for her, as we listened, and heard no mention of Maybe Better. On doing a quick search online, we discovered the horse was scratched. Kinda a lack luster first ever Melbourne Cup day for Katie - first she had to work, and then her horse got scratched!
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Mi Ángel Karoke Del Guarda

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Today listening to My Guardian Angel on my lunch break prompted me to revisit what Mija Veda translates to. (Ironically enough, Katie has pointed out through my butchering of the chorus of My Guardian Angel, that "míja veda" isn't actually in the song at all ("Ni de noche, ne di dia"). Still the quest lingers...

Babelfish has been no help so I tried Google, and then looking up the lyrics to My Guardian Angel. While that didn't yeild anything (for the above reason), it was quite interesting coming across a karoke version of My Guardian Angel: Karoke Version.

Not a song that I would have thought likely to have a karoke version, purely in terms of popularity, especially in comparison to Hopkin's hits, but it's really cool to see.

It'd be funny to buy, given the way I've sung My Guardian Angel for the last 10 (wow) years. [smile] Although, I've been practicing - I have the "Angel de mi guardia" down, it's just the rest of the chorus I need to get out of the habit of just singing sounds that kinda sound like what Lawrence is singing! [smile]

Additionally it's been a good opportunity to get the entire contents of the single onto my server, realizing that the version I listened to today is the Radio Version (half an english chorus, and a spanish verse), that I think I'd either downloaded from somewhere, or ripped from the single at some point back in the day. Interestingly, Katie had been talking about the "Spanglish" version tonight, and I thought she was just being cute. On pulling out the CD single to rip it, I noticed that the third track is the spanglish version, which I don't think I've ever noticed that before, thinking of it as the "spanish" version. Testiment to that is what I have listed on Lost Horizons. You learn something new every day!

If only the day where I learnt the translation of "míja veda" would come! [wink]
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