Sleeps Just Time Spent Wasting Time

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Be that as it may, it can also rock. This morning I woke up just before 6, still wearing jeans and with the computer on.

Pretty much after The Simpsons, I rolled over, and it's close to the last thing I remember before this morning. Even though I'd planned to crash early (for once), I don't think passing out complete dressed was a conscious decision. [smile]

Definitely today I feel that it was a good thing either way.
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The Blaze & The Maine

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Arizona music on The Blaze is back in swing, with both The Basement and Point Of Ventre back on the air.

I haven't had the best run with The Basement - the first week I didn't have a heads up that it was back and missed it. The following week was okay, but then this week due to unexplainable internet problems I basically missed the whole show.

In anycase, it's been cool seeing that The Blaze is giving The Maine some good spins. Firstly after Point Of Ventre the first week, and then last week on The Basement. Interestingly both times were The Way We Talk. Obviously cool given it's my favorite Maine song, but interesting given that the new record is out.
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Who knew that there was a video made for All Pop, No Star...


Look At What You've Done To My Champaign Music

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This weekend is the release party for Strange Young Things' CD.

It seems like it's really been a long time coming - it's been about a year since I heard Corey on the Blaze talking about the album and the title. And what a cool title it is - Look What You've Done To My Champaign Music. Too cool.
In anycase, it's good news that the CD will finally be out.
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