Point Of Ventre Is Back

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Hot off the press - Point Of Ventre is back on the air!

New time - 10pm til 12am Arizona time, Tuesdays, starting next week.
Same place - The Blaze 1260 AM

Gentoo Wars

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It all started following a workshop at work with Sebastian Bergmann on integration testing, which lead to the great idea of setting up Cruise Control, PHP Under Control and what not. Which still is a great idea, but what a pain in the ass it's been.

First come upgrading java and apache ant to get Cruise Control working - both from versions I installed in 2004 when I used to work somewhere else. Start the complete borking of my Gentoo system. In order to do this I had to upgrade a bunch of stuff, the main culprit of troubles being baselayout. Initially I had a whole bunch of problems resulting from packages getting blocked. It's looks somewhat circular (sys-apps/mktemp is block sys-apps/coreutils which is blocking sys-apps/mktemp). Trying to fix that caused a whole bunch of problems - not being able to start things like named. That issue is still outstanding (after reinstalling mktemp) but is the least of my problems.

Then came a whole head fuck of udev being updated and the init complaining that I don't have udev installed or configured? Huh? Every doc that I can find states the two steps required is kernel support, and having udev emerged. I have both. No fucking idea why the system keeps complaining about it. I pretty much lost all of Tuesday night to this, somehow at least getting the system to boot again (maybe thanks to devfs, but I'm not even sure).

So I thought I was mostly out of the woods. Alas, I was wrong. Baselayout changes suck. Firstly, courier-imap wouldn't start. I finally got that sorted out today, discovering that it was caused by changes in start-stop-daemon. Awesome. [wink]

The latest problem has been with pppd. Each night it's gone nuts, opening multiple connections, non of which work. I narrowed that down needing some extra variables in /etc/conf.d/net.ppp0 (which things previously worked fine without). However, then comes a new problem - the 'persist' option no longer persisting. If I cause my ASDL to drop, rather than re-dialing, pppd exists. That's just awesome. I haven't been able to fix this rather large problem, though it may have something to do with udev causing it.

On top of this, I updated pppd hoping to fix the above issue, from 2.4.4-r4 to 2.4.4-r15. In a complete retarded move, the ebuild (unless baselayout did this) put my ip-up|down.local into ipup|down.d - which is fine, but does not have anything to process either directories. How retarded. There goes another hour tracking that down. At least I have that sorted, but still, pppd not being persistent is problematic!

Eh - this is why I don't emerge regularly!
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New Open Band Forum

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With the demise of the Watering Hole we're setting up a forum to replace the Open Band Forum - with a twist, specifically for Arizona music (so, mostly open. [wink] )

Stay tuned over the next few days for the link...

Unmerging Python

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Note to self - don't unmerge python on a Gentoo system. [wink]

End Of An Era

The End Of The Watering Hole

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After 9 years, The Watering Hole will be no more. Certainly an end of an era, being the only bulitin board related to Tempe music that has remained constant over that time - even if it has been through some changes over that time.

For the longest time it's unofficially been the official forum for everything Tempe rock related. So much so that it's been notable over the years to site back and realize that.

But those winds of change are blowing through - as they have been for quiet awhile.

R.I.P to The Watering Hole.

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