The Golden Girls Of The Yucca Tap

Strange Young Things @ Mary Helen's Dazed & Confused Constume Party

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So we got to Yucca and Dry River were packing up, so once again we rocked the Teakwoods to Yucca thing! Though, there was admitadly no sign of Strange Young Things.

Photobox ImagePhotobox Image

The sight at Yucca was much more Halloween-y than it'd been at Teakwoods, us now being in the majority rather than the minority. Plenty of great costumes out there. I commented on how much I enjoyed the 80's rockers, and later realized one of them was Rich.

Photobox ImageAfter a while we went inside to check out what was going on, and Katie exclaimed "they're about to play". Pretty weird, since we hadn't seem the load in. And, it took me a double take when I looked on stage. Now, we'd seen Corey on Wednesday night, who'd told us that he'd been planning this costume for years, and that he didn't want to tell us what it was or give it away. And then, proceeded to effectively do just that. Or so I thought! However, once glance on stage, and I totally had to do a double take, and work out who the fuck was Corey, Adam, Pat and Dan. Well, Dan was pretty obvious being behind the drums, and the full beard kinda gave Pat away. [wink] But when it came to Corey and Adam, all I could see were the Golden Girls! Once again, this band had completely upstaged everybody, and this time before they'd even played a note.

Photobox ImageThe reaction from everyone inside Yucca was pretty much the same - laughing, getting composed, and then dying laughing again. It was cool seeing Rich up the front, amused as hell at the whole thing. I could definitely relate. The costumes were ridiculously good, which made the first two songs fairly disturbing. Watching Bang The Dash come out of the Golden Girls was an absolute mind fuck. That's how good the costumes were. Particularly given that you can recognize a Glodie move anywhere, your brain was trying to tell you that it was him, but your eyes just weren't seeing it!

Photobox ImageNeedless to say, the entire set was a riot. To be honest, I can't even recall that much of what they even played. It was that sort of night, where there was just too much ridiculousness happening on Yucca's stage to even process the music. I vaguely remember yelling the words to Bang The Dash and Spoils Of War, and that's about it. (Although, if I think about it hard enough, other details are coming back). But honestly, the outrageousness of these four old ladies on stage was overwhelming.

Photobox ImageMidway through, Corey yelled out to Katie to do her usual "microphone holding" task during Bitch which was pretty cool, especially with it being such a big show. Norm showed up after a while, said hey, and not surprisingly expressed his amusement with the whole thing. There wasn't much to say other than "I know!". We were both glad he didn't miss out on the madness.

Photobox ImageTowards the end of the night I managed to snap this killer photo of Adam that he was posing for. As always, my camera let me down at the worst time, refusing the focus, but I snapped anywhere (to avoid Adam having to pose like that any longer) and thankfully the photo came out focused regardless. My favorite of the night, although there were so many good ones.

During Lonely Hearts, Corey wanted people to come up with them. How could Katie and I resist that? We were up on stage singing with Andrew and Adam before no time. It was one of those things where you get up there, then question "what the fuck am I doing", and then you just go with it! It's a little over a year after moving here, and I guess I now know what Yucca looks like from the stage. I'd love if someone had a photo of us up there!

The whole night was just a riot! Definitely my best halloween to date. We'd actually had such a great day all day, but y'know....god, the final hour and a half of it definitely upstaged everything. It just did!

Incidentally, Glodie's Superman undies, weren't actually visible as the photos suggest. It's a flash thing. But god, it sure does add to the ridiculousness all the same! [smile]

And speaking of photos, here's some more of the gals...

Photobox ImagePhotobox ImagePhotobox ImagePhotobox ImagePhotobox ImagePhotobox Image

Let Go & Ghetto @ Teakwoods

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On top of the added getting ready time, we also had to get gas, which proved to be somewhat a fuck around, which wasn't helping the cause of getting to Teakwoods on time. Kinda funny pumping gas in our costumes though. The upside is that we weren't the only ones.

Photobox ImageDespite that, when we got to Teakwoods nothing was happening, thankfully. Somewhat surprisingly, we were about the only ones there in costume, at least initially. Had a brief chat with Thomas, who enjoyed the costumes before going out for a smoke. The best sign that we'd done good with the costumes was when Norm called me over as I was going back inside, saying that he'd seen me over there but hadn't realized it was me until he heard me talk. I pointed out Katie inside, and he commented that he had been standing behind us and had no idea it was us. I don't know if there is a better sign that we'd rocked the costumes than that! [smile]

We'd snagged one of the tables up front, which seemed like a major coop, but despite what I expected, there just weren't a lot of people there. I thought it would fill up, but it didn't really.

Was really good to see Let Go, especially given that I had watched a bunch of their rehearsals over the past few weeks. The levels were much better (as is always the case at Teakwoods) than when we last saw them at Long Wongs which was very welcomed.

Photobox ImageGhetto were awesome as always. Highlights of the night were hearing Catastrophelia, and even moreso Paralyse. Neither of which I think I've witnessed live before, and more to the point, I had no idea that they even did Paralyse. Hearing that full band was awesome.

Photobox ImageThroughout Ghetto's set a few more costumed people showed up. And Norm left the stage and paced back and forth in front of the couches, and all round rocked things up. Kinda similar to a Strange Young Things show, you had a shit big grin on your face most of the time. And that was all Norm! Throughout the set, Jason came up and said hi and complemented our costumes before heading off, it was cool he noticed us sitting there.

Things were pushed awefully close to 12, and so it we did quick goodbyes to Tom and Marc (and mentioned how cool Paralyse was) before darting out the door for Yucca and Strange Young Things. Y'know, that common thing that we do after Teakwoods!


Frockin' Up

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Photobox ImageWell, despite our plans to leave enough time, as well as attempt the makeup last night, we ended up being somewhat rushed to get into our costumes. Actually, reflecting on it, it would have been smart to paint our nails on Friday night. Not only would they have been done, but we could have flashed them during Big Time. ha!

So, for me it was my first foray into both nail polish and eye makeup. Given that I grew up on Hollywood glam rock, it's mildly surprising that I've never worn any sort of makeup before the age of 33. [lol] Being so pressed for time, and having had not given it a trial run, the eye makeup thing was a little daunting.

Photobox ImageI started out looking like a bad Alice Cooper. And then started to look like Tim Minchin, which was admittedly and improvement on the situation. [smile] Both looks were freaking my the fuck out though. As was the nail polish actually. It was cool, but really bizarre to look in the mirror and not see what you expect. While it was kinda cool, neither of us was sure it was working. I was pretty confident that I needed to suit up to get a feel for if it was working or not. Thankfully it all started to come together once I did, and not a moment too soon given that time was ticking down!

Katie's costume came together relatively easier. She had the same makeup experience as I did though, we weren't sure until she suited up. But then it was all good.

So much for getting out the door at 8:30 as planned, at 9 we decided I didn't need a second coat of nail polish. It was photos, and then out the door.

Photobox Image

Stepping Up The Pumpkin Carving

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Photobox ImageWith the re-potting of McStabby out of the way, it was then onto doing the pumpkin, which was our original plan for the day. After a bit of a consult, we opted for stepping up the design a bit this year.

The guts of this New Mexico grown pumpkin were interesting, resembling grated cheese more than anything else. Weird. With a bit of tag teaming, we had it finished at around 7, just leaving some enough time to put down some dinner, and get to our costumes...

I must say, we're both pretty impressed with our handy work.


The Re-Potting Thereof

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Despite having said all this week that she wanted one day this weekend not going, KT woke up proclaiming she wanted to go out! Pretty incredible turn of events. Without much effort we developed a plan to re-pot McStabby. That is a plan, with some substances behind it, as opposed to all the times we've said that and followed up with "it'd be nice, but I can't be fucked". "We" being more so me, admittedly. But there was something about this morning that made it more "okay, let's do it", despite all the other stuff we had to do today.

So we got our shit together and went out to Ace Hardware to pick up some gardening gloves. The beauty of which is that they had free hot dogs, popcorn, soda as well as a free bucket with anything put in it being 20% off. Which I guess KT had noticed during the week, so there was double purpose to everything we did today and she didn't miss out on the free crap. [smile] The 20% off turned into somewhat of a buying spree, and getting a free lunch was pretty sweet.

Photobox ImageBack home we got to the task of re-potting. Kinda amazing, since we brought McStabby a year ago last week, and we're supposed to re-pot him ASAP. No small part of the delay on that was how much of a pain in the ass (or thorn in or side as the case might be) the task seemed. So it was pretty amazing how easy, and reasonably quick it was to actually do. The key to our success was probably the cowhide gloves we brought at Ace.

Definitely rewarding to finally have that done.

Best Error Message Ever?

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Maybe not necessarily the best one ever, but still comical, by way of Firefox's javascript engine.

useless setTimeout call
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Black Moods @ Teakwoods

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It was nice being back at Teakwoods tonight, first time for almost a month. Strange, but true. Bobby & Josh opening did make me think how much I miss the Baja Wednesday days.

Photobox ImageThe rock show was full of, well, rock. One new Black Mood's song in the set that we hadn't heard before, which was cool. At some point Josh played a very familar riff, which left you wishing they'd play that song. And hence, I was elated when he played it again a few songs later, this time with the whole band joining in on Found Out About You. If there is anyone I'd love to hear play a Hopkins song, it's Josh. And when you've got Bobby singing in the band, it's a recipe for magic. Y'know, in terms of songs for the Black Moods to cover, I wouldn't pick that as an obvious choice, but it was actually a fantastic fit. It's the best version of it I've heard live since...I couldn't even say when. Would have loved to have gotten that on tape.

Good Year For Bad Days

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Watched the Banditos video clip this morning, which reminded me of how god damn fun The Refreshments were back then. It was kinda cool watching it, and having that same reaction to it that I did back in 1996. And reminded me of just how great that band was. And y'know, watching it, and living like 10 minutes from Papago, it's hard not watch it and not want to steal a Jeep, grab a poncho and fake mustache and drive around Papago! [wink]

Anyways, this prompted me to listen to both Fizzy Fuzzy and The Bottle, both of which left me with the same feeling as watching the Banditos clip. Which admittedly a common thing with both albums, I can't count how many times over the years I've gone months without listening to them, have put them on and felt like it was 1996 again and been complete amazed by the band, like hearing them for the first time.

However, listening to The Bottle, it also hit me how much of a disservice I've done to myself by not listening to it in recent times. It's absolutely one of the best albums companion albums when you're bitter, jaded and all round pissed off at the fucked up world. I knew this in 1997, and absolutely used it as such, and it absolutely stepped up to the task. I'm kicking myself for not listening to it more in recent times. Because fuck, there is no mistaking, it still applies. And that's the brilliance of it.

Adios. Au revoir. I see now what I never saw.

Bret Michaels @ AZ State Fair

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In addition to all the local bands, the sweet thing about living in the US is getting to see the band, or members thereof that I was into when I was a kid. And by that, I mean, in a single word: Poison.

It can definitely be said that if 11 year old me knew 33 year old me, he'd be really jealous. Y'know, it's over 20 years later, I might not listen to 80's glam nearly as much as I did back then, but the opportunity to see Poison, or in this case, Bret Michaels isn't lost of me. And tonight, a free show none the less. The concept of that would have been completely bizarre to 11 year old me.

While tickets to get up close were only $25, general admission seating was pretty great. We were both pretty happy with the low seats we got, not to far away, and even if they were, there was the screen anyway. Kinda impressive, when compared to when we saw The Cure in Melbourne and were way back, with no screen monitors - which we paid $100 per ticket for. Not that I'm complaining, but just putting into perspective how great these free seats were.

We had our fish under the seat, and wondered how he was going to fair. Watching Mythbusters, you know fish don't deal well with large vibrations. Was he going to make it through a Bret Michaels show?

Funnily enough, the venue pre show mix included Hey Jealousy right before the show started. Considering how the Gin Blossoms took my "favorite band" title following Poison, it was kinda cool. It's actually pretty impressive how many time's we've heard that before shows. Not just in Arizona (which isn't that shocking), but also in Melbourne. Anyways, always cool to hear the three minute pop song.

Great set, and the dude is looking pretty good for someone who almost died several times only a couple of months ago. But I guess that's testiment to someone who is all about rock n' roll, and for the right reason. He's absolutely making a killing doing it, there is no mistaking he's an awesome business man, but it's refreshing to see someone who clearly loves rock n' roll aside from making a buck.

While I would have been fine with a bunch of Bret Michaels Band songs, the set was very Poison centric, and that was completely fine with me. Since we haven't seen them since my birthday last year, it was pretty cool. Actually, the only non Poison song, other than covers, was Go That Far. But you know, a Poison centric set was welcomed by me.

Basically had a great time. It was actually really cool seeing Bret play a hometown show, and also to see the band in an arena setting, which was vastly different than we saw him last year in Osage Beach.

And the best news of the night. Unbelievable, inspite of the decible levels, and a drum solo...the gold fish survived! Yes, he made it through a Bret Michaels concert! He's a rock n' roll fish.
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Sugar High @ Hollywood Alley

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We've had plans all month to see Glodie, Zubs and Martinez tonight at Teakwoods. But the announcement of a Sugar High show a few days ago through a wrench in those plans. As did crashing the fuck out for a couple of hours this afternoon.

In many ways it was not an easy decision to be made. But Sugar High going on at 11:30 really made it unfeasible to pull our usual "Teakwoods and then bolt to Tempe" trick. So we opted for just doing Hollywood Alley. On top of everything, the cover (admittedly for charity) was more than advertised. And to boot, we both kinda felt fucked from today. Wasn't really sure about Singleton's other band that went on before Sugar High, though points for virtually playing the early Blossoms' set list, including Be True To Your School. Such a hideous song, but still kinda enjoyable in when you hear it covered in town.

But the moment Sugar High started playing, it was amazingly clear that we'd made the right choice. God, that band is so damn good! The fact that they're not bigger than they are is completely lost on me. The moment they launched into 100 Years To Love You (yaay!), I couldn't help but think: screw Ezra - this is the band that we should be calling "Better Than the Gin Blossoms". [smile] I'm glad that there is someone who hasn't forgotten the power of a killer arpeggio.

Great set. The mix was sub par, and they were a little loose in some places, but when you've got killer songs, it really doesn't matter. Really cool set list too. Highlight was definitely hearing 100 Years, but there were a lot of others that we hadn't heard before, including an old Autumn Teen Sound song Love In Stereo. Cool shit.

Great set, great tunes. and despite it being unfortunate that we missed acoustic night at Teakwoods, there was no doubt we'd made the right choice. Now, if only there was a way to get the Sugar High boys play out more these days. It would make the world a better place. [smile]
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So, I'm watching Let Go rehearse at Mayberry Studios right now.

No, I'm not at Mayberry. I'm on the other side of town, watching it from the comfort of my sofa.

Technology is pretty amazing.

New Go Daddy Girl?

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I noticed this a few weeks ago when I was looking into the renewal of the Lost Horizons domain name. Apparently Jillian Michaels is the new Go Daddy Girl.

Great. Honestly, the last thing I need to see when I go to the Go Daddy website is Jillian Michaels in a small Go Daddy crop top. Not cool man, not cool.

I'm seriously considering setting up Privoxy rule to block this image. [lol]
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Framing Madness

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A good portion of this weekend (like last) has been spent on our framing. Ironically, very little of what we set out to frame last weekend actually got framed. Namely the New Miserable Experience and River Otis posters, and the 12x12 Dead Hot promo cards.

Well, we went out yesterday and got those sorted out, which like last weekend, was a time consuming ordeal. In no short part due to not being able to find the right sized frames that we actually liked. However, in hindsight, I'm quite glad that we went just went ahead and went over sized. Particularly for the New Miserable Experience one. Looks fantastic, and I don't think it being boxed in would work as well.

Here's the ridiculous amount of stuff we've framed thus far in the last two weeks.

With that said, we actually got some more t-shirt frames, particularly for the old school "W.C Fields" Gin Blossoms shirt, and my old Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy shirt. But honestly, after doing the Long Wong's one, I just don't have doing those ones in me right now! [wink]

The River Otis one still requires some work. KJ came up with an absolutely brilliant plan for it, which is going to require some more wrangling.

Incidentally, today is the first time I've ever given the panoramic setting on my camera a try. In five years, I've literally never opened the software to create the panoramic. I must say, I'm completely amazed to how easy it is, and how well it works, especially because I wasn't too pedantic about the 3 original shots that make up the image.

Domo @ The Ice Houe Tavern

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From Emmett & Scott, it was back over to the Ice House Tavern.

Pretty sweet timing on our part. And since we were only going to be seeing the last band, the venue only charged us half of the cover. How fucking cool is that? The Ice House Tavern gets my recommendation based on that alone. Mind you, unlike most venues it was a very reasonable cover to begin with!

Very cool set from the guys. I opted for not recording, which I prompted regretted when Jason announced that they (again) were going to play a full set of songs that nobody knew. [smile] (Yes, their new album is still under 6 months old, and they're already onto new songs). With that we said. we actually got a few off of Friends, most excitingly Middle Class Life. As well as s few less familar "ones you don't know" in addition to Getting Seriously and Holiday.

The cool thing with this venue is that it fronts onto the ice hockey rink. Yes, in the middle of the desert we have an ice rink. Strange, but true. In any case, I believe it's the first ice hockey rink I've ever seen. It seems like there is very little I'm not just accustomed to now, and feels like "the norm", so having a "whoah, I'm in America!" moment was really kinda hit me.

Cool bar, and definitely something new.
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Black & White CD Cover

A.K.A Cool Shit Seen In Downtown Phoenix

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Katie had noticed this in the last few weeks, and since we were in the area, she drove me past it.

"It's a big M painted on a wall, big deal!" you might be thinking. Well, by all accounts, it looks like it's where the cover for The Maine's latest CD Black & White was shot. On comparing the photo with the album cover, I think I can confirm it to be true.

Pretty cool.
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Emmett & Scott @ Portlands

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Amazingly, given the way tonight has gone, we managed to get down to see Emmett and Scott and Portlands. We stopped briefly at the Ice House, determined that Domo were probably going on last, and made a plan to go downtown and catch the Tramps boys.

Kinda cool place for something upscale, and props for not having the guys shoved in some corner, like most places.

Cool to finally get to see those two play (despite the fact I kept saying Mark & Emmett all fucking night until we got there [smile] ) after having said that we were going to for god knows how long (maybe even since Save The Boobs [suprised]). Emmett was all over getting requests from us, but I think player of the week needs to go to Scott for opting to do that amazing version of Galloping Hearts. I had my recorder with me, and I can't express how painful that I didn't have it running due to that! Wow.
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Never Trust A Spell Checker

Leant vs. Learned

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Y'know, I grew up using "learnt" in my vocabulary. I always learnt things, hardly ever were things learned by me. There is just something uneducated sounding about "learned", unless you're using it in the context of say a "learned professional". I'm sure a quite search of my blog will indicate this.

Neither the less, I've noticed Firefox yelling at me whenever I type it. You know, in the form of that red squiggly "you spelt* that wrong" line. And recently, I caved, and allowed it to change my "learnt"s to "learned"s. Despite the disconcerting feeling doing as much gave me. It still didn't feel "right", but hey, I don't want to look like an illiterate idiot either.

Anyways, I just Googled it, to discover that what I've always thought to be correct, well...actually is. Apparently "learned" is the more accepted version in the US, but technically both are valid, and as I'd always felt, "learned" is actually more appropriate in the context of a "learned professional", and "learnt" when you, well, learnt something.

So, I guess I'll be more weary the next time I trust a spell checker over my own linguistic instincts. Especially when it comes to the Firefox one, as it's also complained about "spelt" in this post, when that is also perfectly valid and reasonable past tense use of "spell".

Where are the configuration settings for the Firefox spell checker anyway? I need to turn off "dumb ass" mode. [lol]

What Is This, A Nuclear Reactor?

Saftey Instructions For "The Perfect Brownie™ Pan Set"

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So I needed to see if this puppy was dishwasher safe. And it is. But there was no lack of amusement for me reading the first page of the manual to determine whether it was or not.

In case you're not familiar with the "As Seen On TV" Perfect Brownie™ Pan Set, it is literally a pan, some dividers, and a stand. It's sweet, KJ needed to have it and it makes great brownies, but it actually is nothing more than a baking pan.

But you would never guess that from the important safety instructions on the first page of the manual. Here are the excepts from the ones I find quite amusing. Warnings about avoiding burning yourself are excluded, because they seem reasonable to me.

IMPORTANT: Do Not Use The Perfect Brownie™ Pan Set Before Reading the Following:

Whoah, sounds scary! I've never read instructions for any electrical device I've ever purchased, regardless of how complex, but it really sounds like I should read these!

1. Read everything contained in this manual.

Wow, the first instruction is re-enforcing the importance of reading everything in this manual. This sounds even more scary. Let it be said, that aside from this page, the table of contents and half a page on "How to use your The Perfect Brownie™ Pan Set", the "manual" is actually a recipe book. [wink] I probably should read the pages and pages of brownie recipes though, just to be safe!

4. If any part of the Perfect Brownie™ pan set appeared to be damaged or malfunctioning discontinue use immediately.

Roger Wilco! But since this pan set is devoid of any electronics, or hell, even moving parts, how exactly can this "malfunction"? I didn't know that a pan could malfunction!

5. When using the pan set do not use kitchen utensils that may cause personal injury or damage to the surface of the system. This will void the warranty.

The voiding warranty part makes perfect sense. But "damage to the surface of the system"? By "system", you mean this pan, right? And don't use kitchen utensils that may cause personal injury? Fine advice, but is it limited to working with this pan? I would have thought that would have been advice to live by whenever in the kitchen.

6. Do not allow children to use this product without supervision.


Admittedly, it's conceivable that a kid could take their eye out with the edges of the brownie divider, if they tried hard enough. But beyond that, the biggest fear you could have by leaving children unattended around this pan would be to come back and find they've devoured the brownie mix. It's hardly a grenade! But you'd hardly think so from these safety instructions.

Incidentally, we've had this sitting on the counter for close to a week (with a diminishing number of brownies) COMPLETELY UNATTENDED for most of that time!! Shit, I didn't realize that we've been living on the edge like this! I'll be more careful next time we make brownies, I promise! [lol]

My amusement with this probably is a cultural thing. Y'know, having come from one that isn't lawsuit trigger happy to, well, one that is. [smile]
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And Just Like That, Summer Is Over

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It's almost like a switch was turned off. Pretty much since that storm blew through last Tuesday, summer has been over. I thought we probably had some more desert heat left in us (and maybe we do), but it's been AC off and windows open ever since.

Ahh, man. You go through 4 months of pain, but now you just sit back and reel in the awesome weather, and that in that respect you're luckier than anyone anywhere else in the world, and will be until summer rolls again. And honestly, even then, "I like the goddamn heat", despite any bitching to the contrary. [smile]

This is the sort of weather dreams are made of.
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D.I.Y T-Shirt Framing

The Vintage Long Wong's T-Shirt Rides Again - Finally!

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Well, my old Long Wong's On Mill t-shirt has been out of rotation and in storage for - I don't know, close on 10 years, if not longer. Once a hole started in the shoulder, it was pretty quickly was removed from rotation. Sad, because it's undeniably such a cool t-shirt, and quite frankly, looked great on me. No, it really did. Back in the day, it and my Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy t-shirts just killed. Perfect fit, perfect color, just perfect t-shirts. The days those left rotation (both for the same reason) were sad days in rock 'n roll. Or fashion. Maybe both. [wink]

Pretty much ever since the Wong shirt was retired, I've had the intention of having it framed. For whatever reason, probably mostly my own craptaculence, it's taken this long to make it happen. But while frame shopping yesterday, one for the good old Long Wong's t-shirt was a must.

Let me say, I now understand why t-shirt framing is so expensive. Of all the things doing it yourself is, "fun" is not one of them. But if you're for something to make you want to stab yourself in the eye for a couple of hours, then I highly recommend it! [smile] It's absolutely frustrating as hell!

With that said, having this t-shirt framed looks is sweet. It could do with another try to get it looking a bit better, but this will do for the moment. There is only so much frustration I can (and should) inflict on myself in one day! [wink]
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Stephen Ashbrook @ Martini Ranch

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So, it would appear that we're never going to get to an Ashbrook show at Martini Ranch on time. [smile] Sadly we probably missed Geronimo tonight. Really glad he kept Rock 'N Roll for the closer and we didn't miss that.

Photobox ImageStephen is like Los Guys - in that a second guitarist is not required, but is really sweet when there is one. And most certainly when it's Josh Kennedy. Seriously, it takes it to a whole 'nother level. And y'know, you've gotta love Ashbrook's "Arizona" band in general.

Great show, as always Ashbrook is worth the price of admission. Surprisingly it wasn't the usual turn out though. There were some unexpected tunes in the set, namely Right On Time. Pretty cool to hear that.

For a third time in a row Katie and her t-shirt (tonight it was the Zia's Record Store Day 2010 one) got singled by Ashbrook from stage. Later in the night he mentioned that he wrote Scotch & A Handgun for Brad Singer. Would have loved to have heard the story behind that.
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Cars & Guitars

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Went down to the Tempe Center for the Arts today for Cars and Guitars, and exhibition that's been running since July. We hadn't made it down there, and today was the last day of it, so we made plans during the week to get down there.

A small exhibition, but still really cool. Particularly the fact that they'd really tied in Tempe and Scottsdale into the exhibition was cool, rather than it being just being a bunch of guitars.

A picture says a thousand words, so it's worth just checking them out. But I will say two things...

Photobox ImageIf I'd started playing guitar at the age of 5, rather than 14, this would have been my dream axe. And y'know, with that said, it's still pretty sweet at age 33.Photobox Image

Photobox ImageI would have loved to have lifted this TMF Tele off the wall and walked out with it. [wink] Very cool!
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Strange Young Things @ Culinary Dropout

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Tonight it was Strange Young Things at the Culinary Dropout in Scottsdale. On the way down we stopped at Tempe Marketplace, with the idea of catching a little of Los Guys before going to Scottsdale. We showed up while they were on a break, so didn't really see much. We did catch Hotel Defeated, and another song that I didn't recognize. Whatever it was, Jim was playing some mean south western guitar on it.

Anyways, onto Scottsdale. If you know anything about Strange Young Things, or The Culinary Dropout (or preferably both), you know it's an odd pairing. And one that makes for a not to be missed show. [wink] If for nothing else, just to see what was going to happen.

The boys appeared to have only just started when we got there, which was actually pretty late given the stop at Tempe Marketplace. We braved the venue and asked to be seated up by the band. It surprisingly worked well, particularly given our expectation from the last time we went to Culinary.

As expected, there was a strange tension in the air. Everything was turned down (except Rich's drums) to the point that you could barely hear the guitars. There was definitely a sense of everything being toned down, which actually made for a really cool funky version of Get Your Fire For Free. Can't complain with that. But still, everything was pretty far from a typical Yucca show. [wink] And there was no question that it was the band's idea. [wink]

Photobox ImageOn the first break we suggested to Adam that the guitars needed to come up. Which I think prompted everything to come up. Initially during the second set there was some general hesitance of "getting dirty". But a few songs, everyone had come around to the idea. Everything got a lot louder. Corey started to venture off stage. And to standing on the fancy couches. And wandering into the kitchen to sing to the staff. Basically, it became a proper Strange Young Things show! [smile] I'm not saying that the normals weren't freaked out. A bunch of people left. But of the decent proportion of people that stayed, there was a general sense of a much better reception once the volume levels were raised and the rock really started to flow.

It actually turned out to be a really cool night. You just can't stop those guys from rocking. Corey insisted that the did Tripped On My Own Words, most likely for our benefit, which was really cool. The real setlist high point was the return of School, which made an appearance as the last song. Sweet!!

For drinks we decided to try the "Paper Bag Special". Literally served...in a paper bag. I've got to say, that's pretty cool! And wasn't that much different that drinking a Pabst Blue. If you're going to be a Tempe resident in Scottsdale, do it all the way baby. [wink]

Fun times without a doubt. And have I mentioned how this is my favorite band? [wink]
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Coffee And Cigarettes

My New Favorite Jimmy Eat World Song?

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Finally got around to giving a bit more of a proper listen to Invention, Jimmy Eat World's latest album today.

It's still too new to have a real opinion of it over all. But I certainly learned something on the very first listen: Coffee And Cigarettes could be my new favorite Jimmy Eat World song.

Man, that song slays me. It needs to be a single. The crunchy pop guitars were the first to hit and captivate me, followed up very quickly by the undeniable "Buy American" air about it. It seems like forever since I've heard a song that has that quality. And as such, it had me at hello.

"Of the things I think I'll miss: Staying up with you, coffee and cigarettes"
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So, a fair decent storm rolled through this afternoon. Testiment to how much I hate shitty weather, and how I might bitch about it, Arizona weather really works for me, it was novel to begin with, but af after a few hours of gray I was pretty depressed and over it all. The brilliance of Tempe weather was that 10 minutes after thinking that, it was blue skies (still raining).

So it's now 69F (21C) outside, and rather than feeling relief, it just kinda feels bizarre and unfamiliar. I think that might officially make me a Phoenician. [smile]

In other relate news, my flip-flops got soaked at some point during the storm. As did the whole porch, actually. The design of the apartment building is quite stupid. Basically the roof doesn't over hang the balcony wall, so when it rains, it drips directly onto the balcony wall, and hence splashes in. Complete design fail!

So anyways, another unfamiliar thing - after leaving the flip-flops out there for several hours, they're still wet. Honestly, I'm so used to leaving something wet outside for half an hour and having it completely dry! [smile]

So, We'll Never Agree

New Times, Cizmar, Blossoms and All That

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So, the Phoenix New Times have done a piece on No Chocolate Cake via Up On The Sun. I'm not sure what surprises me the most about the fact that they'd bother, but it's probably mostly because the Gin Blossoms are so far removed from any sort of hipster label for the New Times to show any interest.

And lookie, it's by Martin Cizmar. Okay, so it's here - the time when that dude and I finally agree on something.

Or not.

The Up On The Sun article is really just a typical clef notes of something that the AZ Republic published last week (thanks guys - I read it when it was published, but whatev). But Martin announces that he's going to review the album via Twitter. This is going to be fun.

Well, the more or less positive review is not what I expected. More or less, because the idea that you can review an album via Twitter is an interesting one, and it's really hard to glean much from under 120 characters of text per song. But as far as I can tell, Martin didn't mind it. Or at very least, he didn't hate it. I must say, I'm quite surprised.

Though, the fact that 1 tweet later he bitches out a follower who suggests he should give that much attention to other relevant local bands by stating "People 2 cool 2 respect the Valley's few musical success stories are part of the problem in my opinion." might hold the key as to why this non hipster band didn't get the usual scathing article/review you expect from the New Times, for an album that really deserves it. Not that it saved Jimmy Eat World recently on Nothing Not New.

I guess we can deduce two things here. One is that I guess I'm now "part of the problem". [wink] No, I'm not 100% sure what "the problem" is - yaay for Twitter as a medium for information and debate - but I'll proudly wear the badge all the same. [smile]

The other is that Martin and I will probably never see eye to eye on anything. Ever. If we don't on this album, then the writing is on the wall. [lol]
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Mission Cottonwood - Fail

Thanks To Quicktrip

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So today was supposed to be spent up in Cottonwood - up in Northern Arizona once again. Today to see Tramps & Thieves and Stephen Ashbrook. Yes, the Gin Blossoms were billed. No, we weren't going to stay for them.

Despite the late night last night, everything was going to well to plan. I got my ass out of bed very easily, didn't putz around, and we got out on the road in a decent amount of time. Given our tire pressure concerns last week, I decided that we should top off the tires before getting out on the road. Preferably with free air, unlike absolutely every place we tried in Prescott. We first went to the Quick Trip on Baseline, and spent a bit of time before discovering their air pump was fucked.

So we went over to the one on Priest. A little behind on time now, but still doing okay. Over here, things didn't go much better. Actually, they went much worse. Unbeknown to us, this air pump was also fucked - but rather than just not filling up the tire, it was letting air out. Of course, we didn't realize this until too late. Too late being the front right tire being at around 10 PSI - otherwise known as virtually flat! This left us in a position of having to call roadside assist, and wait for them to arrive.

The "within the hour" ETA wasn't pleasing, but I still had some hope that we'd be able to get it sorted out, and not miss too much of Tramps & Thieves set. We waited around inside Quick Trip, basically to get out of the Phoenix desert heat. Though, it wasn't really that much cooler inside. As the time got past midday, my hopes of making it to Cottonwood were fading fast.

In the end, roadside assist showed up a little after 1pm, and technically not "within the hour". And of course, it took 5 minutes to inflate the tire! But all hope of getting to Cottonwood at this point were gone. We could have still gone to see Stephen, but a 2 hour trip there (and back) just for that seemed kinda ridiculous, especially since he's playing Martini Ranch soon. So we gave up, and limped off to our auto place, to get the oil changed, and have them check all of the tire pressures.

But y'know, not all was lost - at least Emmett hadn't called with a confirmation on getting us on the guest list. At least we didn't have to have the uncomfortable conversation about not being able to make it. Of course, right before we got to the auto shop, five minutes before they were going on, I got that call. Great! [wink]

Anyways, there was a wait to have the car looked at, so we cut all our losses and went over to Four Peaks for lunch. That was the saving grace of the afternoon. Nice lunch, I tried the Beer Bread Meatball Sandwich, which is arguably the first time I've tried something different at Four Peaks. It was definitely a great day for eating out over there.
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Australian Night?

Violet Wild & The AFL Grand Final @ Teakwoods

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Well, it was a fun night of rock n' roll with Violet Wild tonight at Teakwoods. Given how infrequently we've seen those boys of late, it was very appreciated getting to see them twice this week.

Photobox ImageBobby and Josh opened with a short acoustic set. Awww, it was just like old times! [wink] ha. Then the full band rock show. As per at Yucca on Wednesday, the Black Moods lineup, and although being billed as Violet Wild, set wise it was very Black Moods other than Big Time and Luna. Which, y'know, was totally fine. And was a good opportunity to get some of the new Moods songs on tape.

Photobox ImageAs I side on Wednesday, Bobby is great on the new Moods songs. Actually, I think we need to award Bobby "player of the week" for tonight's performance. Firstly, he was in an awesome mood, and his banter all night was hilarious. Maybe it was the Jager talking. [smile] Secondly, the guy's vocals were slaying me all night. Y'know, sometimes you can't help but think that that Bobby Scott may just be the best singer in the world. [smile] Whoah!

Some great covers tonight. One of the more surprising, obscure and enjoyable was Spacehog's In The Meantime. Again, nice to have tape rolling for that.

During a set break having a smoke, I noticed that Teaks had the AFL Grand Final on. Of course, the second one, given the draw last week. What the hell is with Australia at the moment? First almost a hung Parliament and they barely escape doing the election again, and then a draw for the AFL Grand Final? Which incidentally, it really surprises me that they'd have a second one, rather than just going into overtime. But anyways, back to Teakwoods - it was definitely a novel thing to see that at Teakwoods. I could normally give a shit less about sports (Australian, or otherwise), but it was kinda cool to get to keep tabs on it. I guess I noticed that it was on with about half an hour to go in the final quarter. Collingwood were slaughtering St. Kilda, and of course Eddie McGuire is on the brink of tears. Good to know nothing has changed. Settle down Ed, you've got it in the bag.

So, if the Grand Final being on wasn't enough, the boys broke into AC/DC's Highway To Hell at the end of their set. What is this, Australian night at Teakwoods?!? Showing the Australian Grand Final, Violet Wild covering AC/DC and...well...y'know, I was there! [smile] ha!
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