Things To Do & Bills To Pay

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I only noticed today with my latest bill, that as of July it costs me 55 cents a month to pay my phone bill! Fuckers!

Ahh, the irony. If I don't pay my bill, can I save myself 55 cents?

Good one Optus! [rolleyes]

Your Famous Now And There's No Doubt...

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Over the past few days I've made some updates to Lost Horizons, particular in light of some early photos of the Gin Blossoms that Mike Reilly has sent through. Updating the site, firstly illistrated how large the site has become. I remember when we first put it together, and it seeming like there wasn't neccesarily enough information to fully flesh out a website. Making updates this week made me realise how it's really grown into such a large website. Which of course got me thinking that it's really of the size where it needs some sort of content management, and more intelligent handling of dynamic content, making updates of news and articles much more simplier.

What I've written to run my personal website is what I think it needs, however a rewrite of the codebase is something I want to do, rather than trying to make the code that runs my website run Lost Horizons. With the code I've written both currently that Lost Horizons runs on, and code that my personal website runs on, I'm aware of shortcomings, and constraints to take into design consideration this time if I start again from the ground up. Of course, it's going to take time. Well, another project to add to the list.

However, that's getting away from my original point. Today I Googled 'Doug Hopkins' (mostly as people on the Blossoms mailing list can't seem to find the website *shrug*) and came across the Wikipedia entry, which made me think how 'famous' the website has become. It's funny, doing the website 5 years ago, thinking of it just being something that would be appreciated by small circles of the internet, and looking back five years later and seeing how big that small little project has become. From mentions in the Phoenix New Times, to it featuring as a link on the Gin Blossoms website and talked up by their manager, to having a link from something like Wikipedia. Definately an interesting thing having you little project really take on a life of it's own.

Speaking of funny things and Lost Horizons, it's interesting the reaction you have when someone talks about you with incorrect facts. This week someone (turning out to be the brother of Ed Reilly, owner of the record label that Doug's first single was released on in 1981, and thanked in every Blossoms album) joined the Blossoms mailing list, mentioning the site Lost Horizons "which is a labour of love by this German guy" - it's really funny thing to read something about yourself with a fundermentally incorrect statement about you. Like "hey, he means me. But I'm not German!". I can't really describe it that well, but it's bizarre. Try it out sometime and you'll see what I mean. [wink]

Sad Day

Chariot Buys Alphalink

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Today I read the Alphalink email that after 10 years as a privately own company, at the start of this month it was sold to Chariot. Definately a sad day, for the past 8 years Alphalink has been the one company I've happily handed money over to on an annual basis (for internet access in return [wink] ).

Chariots Largest ISP Acquisition Delivers Key Melbourne Market.

Can't say that I'm not very skeptical about the days of loving my ISP are numbered. *Sigh*. I hope not.

It's Been A Long Time

Listening To Honky Tonk Union

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This week I created a Tempe music playlist - largely because it's a hassle to continually go through the file system, to find what I want to listen to. And constantly change albums when one finishes. Load 'em all up in a playlist, and put them on shuffle. Which I did this weekend, awesome. Hours and hours of great tunes constantly playing.

It dawned on me that I was missing Honky Tonk Union. I added that to my hard disk today, largely so that Catherine could listen to it, but it served a double purpose, because I was thinking of doing it yesterday. Man, it's been so long since I've listened to Honky Tonk Union.

The songs themselves, no - I've been listening to them all the time listening to the live shows over the last 5 years, but it's been forever since I've listened to the album. It's so painfully obvious, because it all sounds SO different. I'm so accustomed to the live versions, that it's been totally unfamilar listening to the album versions. Definately interesting.

Also listening to Honky Tonk is so much easier these days, as previously mentioned, but I can also say that the later stuff is so much better. Going back to Honky Tonk I can also really hear how far the band has progressed - I totally know that they have, but literally listening to Honk Tonk Union, can hear how green and young (yes, verses Green and Dumb [wink] ) the band was back then. Which is funny, being around for the whole formation of the band - and at the time it was a life post The Refreshments, it's kinda strange to hear the Peacemakers as young and naive.

Say Goodnight Because It's Better To Walk Away

The Evergreens

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Say goodnight, because it's better to walk away.
From this life, than to sit here and fade away.
Keep in mind I'm not going far away
I'm still alive from the waist down.
Yesterday coming across that photo from the Belly Up Tavern reminded me of The Evergreens. This San Diego band opened for the Gin Blossoms and were the only opening act I saw in the States (aside from the beloved Tempe locals) that I could stomach, let alone really like. I was quite impressed with them at the time (inhighensight I wish I'd picked up their record - I'm pretty sure I'd wanted to, but forgot come the end of the night) and wanted to check out further.

It's taken me three months to get around to it, but yesterday I downloaded the tracks on their website - really good stuff.

Pollstar Photo

Gin Blossoms @ Solana Beach 04/21/2005

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I just noticed that I'm in a photo on the Pollstar website.

Right in front of Robin's foot, next to the blonde lovely (Katie).


"The blonde lovely." - I gotta stop listening to The Black Moods! [wink]

Let's Get Some Hands Right Up

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"Let's get some hands right up for Scott Johnson, he'll be playing guitar for you this evening. My name is Troy, I'll be playing bass. You guys are the audience, so you'll be drinking beer for us".
Troy's a dude.

I've been listening to last week's show tonnes all week.

Kevin Montgomery & The Road Trippers

And Meeting Danny White

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Tonight, Cath and I went to see Kevin Montgomery & The Road Trippers at the Cornish Arms Hotel. Not that I know or am necessarily into Kevin, but one of the road trippers is Danny White, formally of the Peacemakers. I read about this show a while ago, thinking it was going to be Danny, but on writing to him, it seems his touring with Kevin Montgomery. Which makes sense, as it'd be pretty impressive if Danny could finance a solo tour to Australia.

Cath and I decided when we first head that we were going to go to this show, but as it came closer, it was a bit more dubious about whether we were going to or not. At the last minute we decided that we should, and did.

On getting to the Cornish Arms in Brunswick, it was evident that Kevin had a much older crowd, us both commenting on how we were properly the youngest people in the place. Also, being a US artist, I'd initially expected a bigger venue / show, figuring he was like say Keith Urban. The Cornish Arms however was just a regular pub.

The opening act was obviously an Australian country band, who were somewhat painful to listen to. During them, we talked about the lack of a music scene, in comparison to what I experienced in Tempe months ago. We also chatted about how when Kevin Montgomery came on, they should do a Peacemakers song. Of course, without no real expectation of such. However, when the band did take the stage, throughout the show covers of songs the band members were from (Mavericks - drummer, Steve Earl band - guitarist), it seemed like it could be possible that they'd perform either a Peacemakers[ song, or one of Danny's from South Of The Big Town. However, neither actually happened. It was also funny how that once the band did came out, Danny was completely recognisable by the shirt he wore - I'm not sure I've seejn him wear any other shirt.

Throughout the show, Danny took a break on a song here and there, and sat and watch the band from the table next to ours. Kinda sereal to be sitting in a pub in Melbourne with Danny White sitting just across from you. Kevin's music wasn't bad by a long shot - not that I needed to run out and by his album, and Danny was certainly the reason to see the show, but it wasn't a bad show at all.

Throughout the show Kevin played Heartbeat, which apparently his father wrote with Buddy Holly. Before the song he mentioned how since being in Australia he's had a chance to see the TV show Heartbeat and how terrible it was, which we both loved.

In the second half of the show, the band started a song which immediately struck a chord with me - totally seeming like it was one of my (band's) songs. In the span of about a second I went from thinking that, to figuring not, to thinking I knew it, to again not. Then I glanced at Cath's face, which had lit up, when kicked my brain in gear - "holy shit, this is Cajun Song". It took a second to confirm, and I almost fall off my chair when I did, that the band was doing a Gin Blossoms song! Too freaking cool! I had been glad that we'd ended up going to the show, but sitting there listening to Cajun Song being played in live in Melbourne made me think how bad it'd have been not going to the show. Honestly, the night was complete at that point - everything beyond that could have sucked, and it would have been A-OK. Not that it did.

After the show, Cath and I talked about how cool it was to hear Cajun Song, and how I wanted to say "hey" to Danny. We sat around for a little bit, until I had my moment, and walked up to the stage while Danny was packing up. I mentioned that I'd written to him to find out about the show, and was a big fan, and just wanted to say hi. He immediately stopped packing his gear up, eager to chat. First off I'd mentioned being a big fan of The Peacemakers (probably obvious given I wore my Switchblades shirt [wink] ), and he said how he still keeps in touch with the guys, particularly Scotty and Steve. From there I had to mention how awesome it was that they played Cajun Song, to which Danny said "yeah, we love those guys (Gin Blossoms", and went on to mention how that when he got home he was going to get his website fixed and work on the follow up to South Of The Big Town, and would be working with Phil Rhodes Gin Blossoms - which I meant to mean that Phil would be playing drums on the new album.

I had expected just to have a quick chat to Danny, however he was really engaged in the conversation, and I relayed my trip to Arizona, seeing the Peacemakers for the first time. He relayed memories of being a Peacemaker, like how the started out playing for 100 and by the time he left they were playing to 4,000 people in Mexico. He also mentioned that playing with Kevin is the first time he's really played since leaving The Peacemakers.

The mention of Mexico was a perfect segway to mention that we are both going to the Mexico show next year, to which Danny said how much of a blast the Circus Mexicus shows are, likening to the movie Mad Max. Why exactly I'm not entirely sure, but it was great getting Danny's first hand take on the Mexico shows. He also brought up the Watering Hole and asked if we were on it. He also mentioned that there had been talk of the Peacemakers plans to come to Australia, and how unfortunate that it never happened (damn straight! [smile]).

From there he talked about how much he loved Australia, and asked us if we were from here. He asked because he had been talking about the American / Phoenixans at the Sydney (@ The Basement) show and was unsure if we were from here or the US. He also talked about enjoying the Gympie shows, which were outbush, and how the equivalent sort of shows in the US come with some fear of being shot by a redneck. [lol]

Towards the end of the conversation, he told me to give him a call when we got to the US / if we were in Nashville, and asked us to wait while he got a pen and paper to give us his number and the address for his studio. We waited while he headed over to the bar, and from behind me I heard "excuse me, by any chance, are you Mark Ord?". Although it was unexpected, I immediately figured it had to be Chris Koo],l, who I know from the Watering Hole. Catherine was pretty impressed, someone who I'd never met before just knowing who I was. Of course, given we were talking to Danny, and were the only people (excluding himself and his friend) under 35, it was probably a safe bet to guess it was me. Definitely cool meeting Chris after all these years. We talked to him for a bit until Danny returned with his details.

With it being pretty obvious that Chris was waiting to talk to Danny, and being more than satisfied with how much time Danny had given to chat with us, we told him we'd better make a move. We said bye to Danny, and to Chris and his friend and headed for the door, both commenting on how cool and personable Danny was.

All in all it was a great night. The opportunity to see all the Peacemakers this year (Danny being the only one I hadn't until tonight), getting to hear Cajun Song and having a great conversation with Danny rocked. We're both glad that we decided to actually go!

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