Point Of Ventre

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Yesterday I received some great news from Sarah Ventre that her new radio show Point Of Ventre, (a.k.a Old Favorites & New Ones Too from the pilot) hus been approved by The Blaze.

Two hours of Arizona rock, every week, ah, I'm pretty excited about it.

Point Of Ventre airs 10pm - 12am (Arizona time) on Thursdays.

Rock n' roll!

Turbo Ocho Wrapup

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From when I first heard the announcement about Turbo Ocho last year, I thought how this could either go really good, or really badly. On one hand I could see this being a perfect opportunity and breading ground for a No More Beautiful World Part II. On the other hand, an idea as loco as this could be the exact required circumstance for the band to come up with music that again wowed me. And obviously was hoping that it'd be the latter, because as much as I'm not going to like their last album just for the sake of it, it has gotten tiring not liking it, and hence loosing a large amount of interest in the band.

A week later, the verdict is in, that it has been the latter. The whole Turbo Ocho thing was awesome, and the format of it great for resparking the intense interest in the band once again. A brillant move on behalf of the band, as they needed something like that, based on what they've released in the last two years. Certainly for me, and I have no doubt many of the old school fans. I hadn't really planned to follow it that closely until the last minute really. At which point I swallowed up their marketing ploy hook, line and sinker, and am certainly glad that I did.

After having more time to absorb the songs, there is not one that I don't like a lot. Most of them have grown on me the more I listened to them over the week. On the first listens of both I Know You Know and Summer Number 39 I wasn't neccesarily convinced. After 3 listens of each, that had all changed. Not too shocking with I Know You Know, however I didn't expect Summer Number 39 to be a favorite. It was slightly weird, but in it's favor, it had a Sleep Like A Baby feel to it. It's quite a testiment I think to how quickly it's gone from "not a bad song" to something I really like it. Over the two weeks I Speak Your Language has grown on me certainly. It's probably still my least favorite of the sessions, but as the days past and it became more obvious that we weren't in for another NMBW, it became easier to take the song for what it is and enjoy it. And while probably my least favorite, it's probably the most catchy - it's ridiculously catchy! State Of The Art is one that started out as a favorite, and has kinda wained as the other songs came about. Not that I'm sure that I like it less, but I am noticibly playing it less now.

The second half of the sessions have been all no brainers, and really have taken no time to get into - were immediate hits. My mind was made up on Mercy on the first listen. Sounds like old school Peacemakers, just awesome, and what the world has certainly been needing. I Can Drink The Water was one that was really cool, but seemed like it would lose something as time went on. In actuality I dig this song more the more I listen to it. I Do has to be my favorite out of them, if for nothing out, for the balls out rock 'n roll power of it. Picking a favorite of these is somewhat of a hard task (albeit it, a much welcomed one! [smile] ), but I think I can probably pick this as the favorite. Which is not all that surprising. Persephone is also great, and a lot better after a few listens. Being the slow one, it'll probably be one I listen to the least (it's not a Bufallo or Your Name On A Grain Of Rice), but really is a great song. Which, again coming off NMBW I'd have had concerns about, but this was pulled off really well.

All in all, I see this as nothing but a success. I was just hoping for something that I could actually listen to again, and certainly having almost a week to absorb all the songs, I can say I'm quite excited about music coming out of the Peacemakers camp again! Which is really quite a welcome change.

With all the video recorded, and news that the JJ's show at the end of the sessions was filmed, it'll be good to see what is released, which should happen in a couple of months.
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Esta John

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This video from Steve Larson is hilarious. Particularly because of the Marc Norman show I was at when Steve apparently brought an Estaban guitar.

... he's (Thomas Laufenberg) like that guy...what's that guy who sells the guitars on TV? Esteban. *laughs*. For 99 bucks you get like a video cassette, a guitar, this little mini amp which looks like what one those monitors. And Larson swore to me it sounded great. And I played with him like two Sunday's ago, and I played the thing, and it was a piece of craaap. He just liked the idea that it was Esteban. And he pretty much got it because it was such a neat commercial. The guy really pitches you - "if you buy this guitar, you can play like this"... It's nuts.

Funny shit. Steve Larson is so cool! [smile]

Turbo Ocho - Day 9


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Final day of Turbo Ocho, and ocho songs have been reached, only one day over. Pretty impressive effort I must say, and somewhat gutsy to put such limits on the writing and recording process.

The last song is a slow one, and is really nice. Quite different to anything else they've done, and actually quite basic. I do like it though, and if the other songs are anything to go on, it will probably grow on me over the next few days. But certainly at this point, I like it, and kinda works really well as a the last song of the sessions.

I just read a review of the show, which was today, and by accounts, it sounds like it was great. Katie and I were discussing it today, and it'd be great if they'd streamed the show over the net. It would have been a great finale to the past week, but admittedly it's a big ask, and with what they've currently done (the videos, and posting the songs) it's not like this has been lacking in any way. It turns out that Jason Boot's did record the show. Not sure if this is going to a bonus DVD or what, but it's cool to know they may do something with it.

We'd also talked about how much you'd want the show to be Turbo Ocho focused, rather than a typical Peacemakers show. Particularly that if I was there I'd want to see all the new songs together, rather than interspersed through a 4 hour (typical Mexico show length) double set. Apparently they played all the new songs except for Persephone, and then did a fairly long set of the old songs. Sounds awesome to me.

A post game wrap up (like I haven't blogged about Turbo Ocho enough already! [wink] ), will follow as I should keep this limited to day 9, but let me say, 2008 is looking for a fucking great year to be back into Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers! Turbo Ocho has rocked!
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Turbo Ocho Sessions #7

I Can Drink The Water

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The second last day of Turbo Ocho has yielded I Can Drink The Water. A really cool song with an absolutely awesome groove. Kinda in the vein of Loco To Stay Sane (and I'm sure it'll attract the same criticism [confused] ). I'm not sure that it's about anything, but that could just be my Spanish not being up to scratch enough to work out what is going on in the verses.

This is a great example of how a song doesn't need to save the whales to be a good song. With No More Beautiful World, it's easy to lose sight of that somewhat - in that not having any huge emotional connection with the majority of the songs, which tends to leave you screaming "write a song that means something!". But it's really so much more than that, and I Can Drink The Water really illustrates that, 'cause it doesn't seem to be about anything, but is a great song. I think the difference is emotion and heart, which the music is full of.

Today's video was great, and the guys goofing off in the supermarket with the song as the soundtrack is brilliant. If the guys were to do a video for the song, this would be perfect for it. A Peacemakers video. What a foreign idea borne from a foreign language. But it'd be fucking cool!
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Turbo Ocho Sessions #6


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Day 6 of Turbo Ocho, which is nice, given that because of the timezone difference, there wasn't anything yesterday when we got home.

However, today is another video, and another song - Mercy. Six songs into the recording, I feel reasonably confident in saying this all looks good. Right from the get go, Mercy sounds incredibly like the band has rediscovered their roots. Forget Sonoran or ¡Americano!, this really goes back to Honky Tonk Union. Maybe a bit older, but 100% with the spirit and tone that the band started out with ten years ago. Y'know, that thing that everyone has been missing lately. [wink] I'd been excited just watching today's video of the writing / recording, and the finished product hasn't disappointed.

Another thing that stood out on the very first listen was how evolved this song sounds. To varying extents the previous songs do seem that they have been born in 24 hours (which is completely fine, and is actually in a way refreshing), but this one actually does sound like it's been stewed over for a week, although invariably it hasn't been. Hell, according to the video, the band hasn't played the song together yet, with Steve doing his guitar in the late hours of the night. Definitely feels like they have struck a really good vibe, which somewhat makes it sad that there is only dos dias left of the ocho.

I don't want to jinx it, but I feel that it's safe to say that I'm really down with what's come of the Turbo Ocho experiment. On Sunday I said that I could see it potentially going either way - as it comes to the end, I feel quite impressed with the way that it has gone.

Having a couple of days to absorb the earlier songs, I can definitely identify that there aren't any I dislike. Listening to them back to back, at this point, I Speak Your Language does seem the lesser of the bunch. Though, in some ways, also the most catchy of the bunch - I've had it stuck in my head quite a bit this week. But lesser in comparison to what has come from each subsequent day - it certainly is a progression away from the No More Beautiful World sound. It's hard to pick a favorite at this point, because the quality has been fairly consistent.

I guess I should save more of an overview for later on - and anyway, I need to sleep. Here's to hoping the final 3 songs (is there still enough time for 3?) continue the trend of the last 5!
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The Turbo Ocho Sessions Day 5

The Silly Dittys

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Okay, it seems that maybe Jason Boots was a bit slow with the day 5 Turbo Ocho video, as I've check right before crashing, and a new video was up.

Explains why there were two songs up today, I Know You Better from yesterday, and Summer Number 39 today.

Today's video has definitely been the best of the bunch, with the guys goofing off while they waited for Roger to arrive back at where they're recording. The compelling part is that all of their goof off songs, in my opinnion, they should record. Steve's song about the woman with the big toe was great, albeit fairly silly. Given it sounds like the music recorded makes me wonder if their isn't another rocker (maybe without Steve's kooky lyrics [wink] ) in the pipeline.

P.H's "Waiting for Roger" song is actually awesome. I'm sure he'd just kidding around, but the guitar and melody - flat out awesome. It'd really be great if they used that somehow. Simiarly, the "Steve's Got A Myspace" ditty is really cool. And finally, the "Mana" song is, while a goof off, pretty cool. And definitely reminencent of the "we don't take ourselves too seriously" Refreshments era.

In all seriousness, it'd be great to see these as a hidden track, or something.

This latest video has definitely made me reasonable excited about the Peacemakers again, and quite glad of the conscious decision to follow the The Ocho Sessions project.

Viva la rock and roll!

Turbo Ocho Sessions #3

I Know You Know & Summer Number 39

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Day 4 of the recording sessions. I was anticipating today's song, knowing it was going to be the rocker. On the first listen I was underwelmed, thinking that it just sounded too much like Counterclockwise crossed with I Need To Know (Tom Petty).

However, watching the video for day 4, I've changed my mind. This song is so much more getting back to the roots of the band.

Watching the video, I really loved the footage of P.H's walk from wherever they're staying to Roger's house, as he took the road that goes past JJ's Cantina. Ahh, the memories.

Today a second song, Summer Number 39 has gone up. Right off the bat this sounded at least more like the older sound, although I was really on the fence about that also. But on a second listen, I think it might actually be pretty good.
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Turbo Ocho Sessions #2

State Of The Art

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Day 3 of the sessions, song number #2 - State Of The Art. I will give the Peacemakers this, the whole real time interactive aspect of Turbo Ocho is brilliant for generating interest.

The second song is recorded. Musically, I really enjoy it - a real authentic Mexican affair. I'm yet to make a judgment lyrically, but that aspect of it hasn't grabbed me yet. But musically it's great, with the Mexican flavor, which unlike similar stuff from No More Beautiful World, doesn't have the cliche and fake thing. It's the first song that has the musical influence from south of the border, that really hits the spot, and is more than just a stupid song to play in Mexico. Particularly the horns and Steve's guitar work sounds great.

One thing I would do different is Steve's distorted rhythm guitar, which really sounds like it's played through a $15 amp. Giving that a warmer tone when they do the final mix would be great.

Watching the videos have been cool, in particular the ridiculous amount that Steve has posted through myspace. From watching them, the next song seems that it's going to be a rocker, which I can say I'm somewhat excited about.
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More Myspace Ridiculousness

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Recently we've decided I should set up Katie her own blog, particularly because of Myspace not archiving blog posts.

I started working on that today - which incidently, has been a great day for sitting outside with the laptop - and have been reminded by how much myspace sucks ass. To my (somewhat) surprise there is no way to retrieve any of her posts earlier than July last year.

Pathetic, really pathetic!
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The Turbo Ocho Sessions

I Speak Your Language

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So The Turbo Orcho Sessions have kicked off. That is, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers down in Mexico, writing and recording a new album over the next 8 days.

Despite not being moved much by the band's offerings over the last 2 years, the as it happens interactive (video, and music as each song is recorded) has sparked my interest at least. Combined with the fact that I'm actually still anticipating hearing that old Peacemaker spark, and hoping that it'll happen again.

The idea of writing and recording in 8 days has been an interesting idea, coming off No More Beautiful World, and since I first heard of the concept, I've thought it could be either something the band really needs, or could go extremely badly (ie: No More Beautiful World Part II). I've not been able judge which way it'll go.

The first song recorded I Speak Your Language sounds reminiscent of No More Beautiful World material, but from the outset does sound better than the majority of that record.

It'll be interesting to see how the rest of the songs unfold over the next week.
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Posthumous Praise

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While it wasn't my intention, it was really cool to see our letter to Brian Smith (about Jesus Of Suburbia article) published in this week's issue of Metro Times, that came out today.

Letters to the Editor (Metro Times Detriot)

Posthumous praise

Re: Brian Smith's "Jesus of Suburbia" (Metro Times, Dec. 26), that was an absolutely fantastic feature on Doug. Doug certainly achieved his life's goal: His songs are always on regular rotation for me, especially at this time of year. Doug's ability to write the perfect song, musically and lyrically, time and time again, never ceases to amaze me. I don't think it ever will.

Thanks for such a great article on the one guy that really counts in rock 'n' roll. —Mark Ord & Katie Jensen, Melbourne, Australia
A nice start to 2008!

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