Bad Behavior In The Neighborhood

A Drive By Performance By The Maine

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In the last week we got an email from 8123 management that the band wanted to come by this weekend and personally deliver "a special gift" for supporting the band over the years. So obviously we've been wracking our brains trying to guess what it could be.

It was somewhat of a mad dash driving back from Tucson this morning to be around for it, and get the house a bit cleaned up. Around 1pm, Tim Kirch calls to make sure that we'll be around in the next hour or so so he can drop off the "gift" from band. Unlike what we'd been thinking the past week, there was a strong implication he'd be dropping off something from the band, as opposed to the band being present.

The door bell rings about 2:30, and it's Tim, Lupe & another guy from the 8123 crew that we recognize from shows. Parked out the front of our house is a U-Haul truck, and Tim tells us the gift is big and he needs the other guy's help to get it out. What the what?!? We're even more puzzled as to what it could be.

We walk out to the curb, Tim tells us where to stand, Lupe is filming and they slide open the back door to the U-Haul. Loaded in the back are all 5 guys from The Maine, decked out in their leopard print suits from the APMAS and instruments in hand, and after a quick "hi guys!" break into Bad Behavior.

Wow - mad props to Tim who totally had us fooled. It was an awesome and surreal 3 minutes and 10 seconds as our favorite band played their new song just for us (and some confused neighbors who came out to see what the hell was going on). Humorously John gave a shout out "to those in the back" referring to someone about 6 houses away checking out the scene.

The song closed with a "good night Phoenix!". We had no idea what was going to happen next, as despite knowing we were going to be receiving something from the band, the whole thing was quite a surprise. John as always said it was great to see us, and "gotta go, we're doing this all afternoon". Too cool, their driving around Phoenix doing this for fans.

And just like that we're calling out thanks to Tim, who is packing everything up to drive on to the next location. Which raised so many questions. Is the band literally hanging out in the back of the U-Haul as they drive around Phoenix? Is Pat still in a foot brace? Will he be okay back there? How many other people are going to get this special treat?

Y'know how I always say The Maine is the best band ever? It's cause they are.

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