23 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall

Operation Desert Rock

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3 days to go, and I've still got freakin' 23 Coronas to drink! Given that they (plus probably another half a slab) have sat in the garage for the past 7 months. Well not so much the other half slab, but I digress!

So, 23 beers in 3 days, seems like quite a task! Hell, 26 in two weeks seemed like a big task. But I'm up for the challange. As a matter of fact, I should be drinking one while writing this damn it! Okay, situation fixed.

Mexican beer aside, today has been a good day, particularly with eBay sales finished and picked up. This has been the first time that I've sold stuff on eBay (and it's been forever since I've brought something on eBay), and overall it's been pretty cool. Drums, guitar pedals and amps have all gone, for not bad prices. Thankfully we were able to farm off the 300+ CD cases we had for fee to a buyer who came to pick up a winning item. Sweet. Environmentally Katie has been very happy about it! All in all, the eBay thing has turned out to be quite worthwhile, especially with the countdown to leaving ticking down rapidly and not really any other time left to do anything else with the items.

No, onto polishing off these beers... [wink]

When Good Ideas Go Bad

The Curse Of The Peacemaker's Poster

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The idea of parting with the framed Peacemakers poster was a bit tough, a) because I liked the frame, and b) because of how much I paid for the frame and framing. But the thing is huge and heavy. I'd made my peace with what had to happen. Removing the poster, mailing it, and ditching the frame. Or throwing it up on eBay was my brilliant plan today.

And so it was - we started removing the poster from the frame. Unfortunately today, not two weeks ago. Since we discovered before too long that the poster is mounted with spray adhesive to the back board of the frame! Things that could have been brought to my attention yesterday! It was actually only this morning that I said I regretted having not shipped it in the first place, based on being under our quote, and how cost effective sending a bed to the USA was. But two fold now, being in complete bind knowing that we can't just roll up the poster and take it with us.

Today I definitely wish that it was just a Peacemakers poster. It would be easier to deal with, in that I would just suck it up and leave it! But it being for the first Peacemaker's show I was at and given to me by the venue owners, it makes it all a bit more precarious! As much of a pain in the ass it is, I have to take it with me. How is still yet to be determined, but...

Wii Sports

...And Unwinding For A Night

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Ahhh, it's been so hardcore, with so much to do, for what seems to have been so long, with a bit of the pressure off (I guess) I'd not been hard to pass up having some fun. So going to Stew & Fiona's tonight and pretty much just playing Wii Sports was really great!

Probably not what I should be doing given how much there is still to do around here, but it was the best way to spend tonight I think!

Farewell Drinks

(Add / View Comments) (0)Saturday, May 23, 2009 - 01:18:10 pm
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Last night was a lot of fun. Bridie O'Reilly's turned out to be a really good venue for it. As I predicted, what appeared to be the after work crowd dissipated before any of our party showed up, which was pretty nice.

I was definitely being brought pints way faster than I could put them back. At one stage I had one on the go, one on the bar, and one over at Katie's table from Nick. Thanks to everyone who was shouting me beers - I should leave the country every day! (Given the packing work, I absolutely should not leave the country everyday! [smile] )

It was really cool catching up with work mates for the final time, as it was to see the old university guys that were able to make it. It's kinda funny how ten years can pass, and with some people, it's like you were hanging out in lectures and being stupid only yesterday! Really great to see Chris and Jason again. And pretty spooky when Hey Jealousy came on over the PA. By which point I was reasonably inebriated, and both Chris and Jason caught onto the fact before I did! In anycase, pretty fitting that for our going away party Hey Jealousy came on. It was also really nice for them to finally meet Katie, as they knew all about her back in the RMIT days.

My Suitcase Is Packed And On It's Way

(Add / View Comments) (0)Thursday, May 21, 2009 - 09:31:58 pm
(Posted Under: Operation Desert Rock) quote Strange Young Things. Actually, my suitcase isn't, but pretty much everything else I own is, headed for a shipping container, headed for the US of A.

Last night was late to bed, and early to rise this morning to scramble around with the last few things to pack. Mostly just putting the rest of my CD-R's in a CD box, something we started almost two weeks ago, but hadn't finished. The packers arrived just after 9, and we're done by 12, which was pretty impressive given that a) it was only one guy, and b) that everything came out of our boxes, and into theirs.

Waiting around while the packing happened, it was tempting to look around for last minute things, but given this one and a half month ordeal of going through, and packing things, I was pretty done! Anything that has been missed can either be airmailed, or put in our suitcases.

It was a huge weight, and relief as the moving van drove away. It's impressive how while you need to rock it hardcore, you can, but once the pressure is off, you completely fall in a heap. Between work, packing and everything else we've needed to do, we've pulled energy from...god knows where, and kept on tracking. But once the truck drove away, the collapsing feeling immediately sunk in. While there is still a lot to do, a lot of pressure is off with the stuff to be shipped being dealt with, and aside from picking up some fish and chips for lunch, I was good to sit down, flick on the TV and do nothing more today. I had daytime TV, but sitting in front of it today was completely fine with me!

We'll get up tomorrow and fight another day, but for today - stick a fork in me Jerry, I'm done! [smile]

Adios To Hitwise

(Add / View Comments) (0)Wednesday, May 20, 2009 - 11:32:57 pm
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2 years and 4 days after my first, today was my last day at Hitwise. I can say without a doubt that the last month and a half has really snuck up on me. When the news of my departure became offical and public, it seemed like there was still plenty of time to go. But that time has really gone nowhere. Yesterday morning the first thought I had when I woke up was that there were only two days left, and in some ways was when the reality of it set in.

I attempted to knock some stuff off throughout the day, and at 7pm when I was still cleaning up my desk and PC, I realized that this was clearly a mistake. [smile] I really should have taken my manager's advice, called it quits at 12 (well, his advice was actually 3), grab a beer and say my goodbyes. Starting that at 4:30 in hignensight was ill advised. [smile] Maybe if I'd finished up on a Friday I'd be more inclined to have done that. All the same, with the shippers coming tomorrow, I am so behind my initially decision to finish up today.

It's definitely been a weird thing, leaving a job and a company that has been so good. But at least today there was some finality to it all, and despite having some moments question myself on why I was leaving when chatting to people that have made the job a lot of fun, I finally had a sense of the excitment of moving on to the next part of our lives by the end of the day.

In anycase, I got a lot of nice comments and well wishes throughout the day, and impressively, almost the same amount of comments about taking the product I've been responsible for over the past 2 years with me. [smile] There were also a lot of great comments on my farewell card. Unfortunately I didn't get a proper chance to read it at work, because I would have liked to comment one (of many) of the cool messages:

Great working with another Gentoo-er. Keep it compiling.
I really hope that there is a job and a bunch of people ahead of me in my future in the States - but without a doubt, the bar has been set very high having had worked at Hitwise.
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Adios Cervazas

(Add / View Comments) (0)Saturday, May 16, 2009 - 02:50:03 pm
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Photobox ImageIt's been a long time in the making, and a lot of effort, but Operation Desert Rock is swinging into action. "What the?" you might ask...

Some of you may know, and many of you may not know, that in under a month we're moving permanently to the US. And in light of that, with much of our packing done, it's time to for a party and catch up over drinks.

We're having our going away party next Friday at Bridie O'Reilly's on Lt. Collins Street. It'd be great to catch up with everyone for one last hurrah before, we head off for the Arizona desert!

The Details:

Friday May 22nd, 2009 - 6pm onwards
Bridie O'Reilly's
62 Little Collins St Melbourne
Victoria 3000 Australia

Hope to see you there.

Don't It Hurt?

You've Tripped On My Words...on Myspace

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Strange Young Things have a couple more songs on myspace, much to my excitment, You've Tripped On My Words... being one of them.

Surprisingly, I am have a little disappointment about it on the first few listens. Just that it doesn't quite have the 'kick' that I was expecting. It's still a great song, and maybe I'm just too used to the live version, but I'd like if it was a little bit faster, and a little bit more grunt. I've had the same reaction to the studio version of Hersong which was also just gone up.

Of course, with that said, both my very well grow on me.

Either way, I can't wait to pick up the CD.
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Ponder This

(Add / View Comments) (0)Wednesday, May 13, 2009 - 06:40:56 pm
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I said I wouldn't stay out all night
Then you saw me running around
Why were you out so late?

If you were there
In time to see me
I'm not at fault.

I only just realised tonight that final lyrics are "I'm not at fault". Love it!
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River Otis vs. 1001

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River Otis has always been any least favorite Dead Hot Workshop record (and ironically, the first one I had a legit copy of), and certainly least played.

There are a number of reasons for this. Back in the old days, it was pretty much just because it was a little too slow and alternative for my taste. Except for 257, which used to be my sole reason for putting River Otis into my CD player. Insert disc. Capo guitar at the 2nd fret. Rock the fuck out.

Years later when I got White House, there was another reason - with E Minor, Incorporated and 257 there was a lot less reason to reach for River Otis. Put on White House, get those, plus all the other gems of White House.

Over the past few years I've gotten into the River Otis stuff more, and have actually played it more recently, than I have in the past. However, putting it on on the way home tonight, I really noticed how green and reserved this record is compared to their other ones. What stood out particularly was Mr. S.O.B. At first I was kinda surprised by how bright the guitars sound, compared to the 1001 version. Then I couldn't miss, comparatively how uninspired the guitar solo is. It isn't that different from 1001 note wise, but the difference in attitude and feeling is certainly there.

Another Weekend Of Packing

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Another weekend of packing down. This one really felt good and like we're really getting somewhere now!

I felt myself starting to get sick (again!) on Friday morning, and unfortunately it developed into something, despite hopes that it wouldn't. However, it didn't stop us being a power house with packing, especially on Saturday. Getting an early start was definitely helpful to making the day quite productive. Getting whats in the garage done and cataloged really brought with it a sense of accomplishment. And some reassurance after measuring out 3 cubic metres. By all accounts we should shit it in, even with the bed.

Today was also good, but since we were dealing with inside, and hence a lot more smaller stuff, it was harder, and arguably less rewarding. Particularly as tonight fell it was a lot harder to keep the steam going. This damn cold didn't help either, although at least today was brilliant weather wise.

I wish we had another day to keep powering through this, but at the same time, the idea of going to work and getting away from it for a bit actually sounds kinda nice!


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blur() has always been a stupidly named function to me, steaming right back to my first introduction to it. Arguably a java subject at uni. It's always annoyed me, and still does to this day.

Funnily enough, in the ten odd years since then, I don't know that I've considered the reason behind the naming, which has dawned on me today. Blurring is the opposite of focusing!

Of course, I still don't like it. I don't buy the concept that it's that type of focusing. I've never had a problem with the a widget 'taking the input focus', however I would argue that this is a different type of focus than say focusing a lens. Hence, the opposite is losing the input focus, not blurring.

Cinco de Mayo No Para Usted

AKA No Cinco De Mayo For You

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Once again, I miss out on Cinco De Mayo! The one Mexican holiday that I've wanted to be in the US for. In 2005 I left 4 days before. In 2006 I wasn't there until 8 days after. And this year, I'm almost there but not quite.

What does it take to be in the US for Cinco De Mayo?!?! Next year should be a shoe in though.

Speaking of which, we're just under a month on Operation Desert Rock.

Anyways, Happy Cinco de Mayo!
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Stop Kissing Pigs!

The Swine Flu

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Ahhh, the timing...

Moving to Arizona has been our dream, a long time in the making, and finally being put into action. Once the wheels were in motion, the Global Financial crisis hit. Arguably it was starting to as the wheels were starting to turn. That's okay, you can, and we have planned for that. It's not great, but at the same time, if you're in the right position, you can make it work for you.

But now, swine flu? Really. It's going to be fine, but the timing on this really blows my mind! There has been plenty of time in the last 10 years for a swine flu epidemic, but it happens now, a little over a month before we relocate?!? Ahh, the timing...

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