Violet Wild On Local Frequency

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Ironically, after having a long conversation on the way back from Wheaton the other day about Violet Wild, we're listening to them on Local Frequency (The Edge) tonight. Even more ironic is that part of that conversation was how in my mind they're due for some new stuff (although the album came out a year ago, it's all effectively from 2006) and the first track they played may be a new song. Or admittedly a cover, we can't 100% tell. It'd be nice to think it's a new original in anycase.

A short and succinct appearance on the air (also playing Bump On The Head and Glorious Day), no doubt to promote the upcoming show with Better Than Ezra at the Marquee. Which luckily Katie had the presence of mind to try win pre-sale tickets for ("oh yeah, that's right, we'll be there by then!"). Due to a scramble to determine the number to text, we probably missed out, but it's a nice reminder (to me at least) that my first Violet Wild show may be opening for Better Than Ezra.
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The Blaze Keeping My From Hearing Strange Young Things

'When In AZ' Promotion on The Blaze

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What a major disappointment. Today at 2, the organizers of When in AZ were to be promoting the compilation, with Kirkwood Dillinger and Strange Young Things. Sweet....

Funnily enough, we commented this morning that we wished / hoped that Strange Young Things would be up first so that we had the option of skipping Kirkwood. As it turned out, it would have been really nice if they had of been, as the Blaze's Shoutcast server died right after Kirkwood/Dillinger. Argh!

I know it's college radio, but it's pretty frustrating given that I really wanted to hear Strange Young Things and catch their in studio performance.

At least there is a listening party in a few hours on Radio Phoenix. Probably won't give me my Strange Young Things fix, but at least we should get to learn more about the compilation.

In other news, today has been the first time I've tuned into The Blaze for a while / since being here (can you say 'Hughsnet Fair Access Policy'?? [wink]) and 'The Blaze 1330 AM' definitely sounds weird.

I guess in a few weeks we'll be able to drive to ASU and sit in the car and listen if this were to happen again. [smile]
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Seizures Has Arrived

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Katie came in this afternoon after a trip to the mailbox, and our copy of Seizures arrived today. Pretty good turn around time given that it was released on the 21st in Oz (effectively the 22nd here) so it only took 4 days to get to east jesus Warsaw Missouri. Unfortunately sans the fridge magnet that their website mentioned was included in the Limited Edition CD/DVD pre-order deal. Oh well.

My initial thoughts are that it doesn't grab me as much as their other releases, in no short part due to the different sound, although I was expecting it. Which admittedly Too B Or Not Too B is their only album that clicked instantly. Both United Paper People and Hymns took a bit for me to get into, so maybe that's all that Seizures needs.

There is something really ironic about moving to the US (and more specifically Arizona) being really good for making CD purchases I want to make easier and cheaper, but the second CD I buy once over here is an international order from JB HiFi! Will the need to import CD's end. (With the exception of Kisschasy, the answer is actually inevitably 'yes'. [smile] Give me Zia Records on University and local shows, and typically that should be all I need).
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RCPM Board To Move

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There is something comical to be found in the fact that a little under a year since the Peacemakers Watering Hole as we knew it (well, with remnants of how we knew it) was shut down and moved migrated to a corporate message board hosting environment, it's moving again because the company (Echo Music) went bust.

In related news, last Friday while killing time at Borders in Lee's Summit Katie came across a book that had the petroglyph logo that people were mentioning years ago.

When In AZ

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I came across Where In AZ...Music Compilation last night by virtue of The Blaze's twitter feed. Sounds like a really cool concept.

I'm yet to find a track list for the compilation, but the fact that Los Guys, Strange Young Things and Truckers On Speed are listed as contributors excites me.

As does the fact that we should be in Phoenix in time for at least one of those release shows!

One Jensen Comes Back, Another One Leaves

Brad Leaving For Europe

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Wow, the wonders of going to bed at 10:30 means that I woke up at 6:30am and was up by 7 this morning. I think it was a shock to Shelly, who has experienced us crashing on her couch with jet lag and not waking up until after 10! [smile]

The kids left for school not long after that, which is kind sad that we probably won't get to see them for a while after we move, as it's quite unlikely that we're going to see them again before we move. Although, I thought that was the case the last time we were in Union, so stranger things have happened.

Christopher took off from work so he could join us in dropping off Brad at the airport. It was funny, at some point this morning, being envious of all the places in Europe Brad is going to see, and just in general getting to do the whole international traveling / living in a foreign country thing. At some point I had to stop with the memory that hello being envious of living in a foreign country is ridiculous, because I've been doing that for the last two months, and am shortly moving to Arizona! Hello, wakey wakey! Which I guess goes to getting used to living in the US (which I'm really glad about) even though we're still in the transitory stage.

The trip out to St. Louis airport was pretty cool, since I enjoy airports, and it's a US airport that I've not yet seen (though no doubt with the Union Jensen's living - well, in Union [wink] ) I'm sure I'll be flying to and from it at some point in the future!

Afterwards we headed back to Union and had lunch, and headed back to Warsaw earlish. We both felt that it'd be worthwhile not getting home too late, but no doubt also felt that we weren't in a rush, and hence were both in agreeance, without much discussion on stopping at Mermac Caverns. At $18 per person, we were also in agreeance that it wasn't something we really needed to do. Which is a shame, it would have made for a nice hour out of our day, but that's pretty rich for some stalagmites. So we hit the road again, going through Lebanon, which looked like a reasonably nice city.

As we got closer to Osage Beach, we decided that since we weren't in a huge rush, that we should try to take Interstate 7 home...since it was light, we could establish what the FUCK was going on that night coming back from the Bret Michaels show where Buller was hell bent on having us drive off the closed road (the old highway 7) into the lake. Coming from the east, it was all pretty easy to get on to the new highway 7, which seamlessly took us over the lake, rather than ending dead right before it. There was much commentry in the car as we went past the place were we got stuck that night. So there is that life mystery worked out!


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Sometimes spending 10 minutes deciding on lunch really pays off. Yaay for Chili's nachos & crispy chicken tacos!

Gin Blossoms @ Iowa State Fair

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The show started at 8, and was lack luster for several reasons, a few which were waiting until last minute to get tickets and hence being back in the bleachers, and certainly it being really hard to compare after coming off seeing a Green Day show on Tuesday. I guess also pay $35 effectively for Peter Frampton tickets. Fucking Peter Frampton! Admittedly I have nothing specifically against him (aside from being a boring old fuck, which I guess isn't his fault [wink]), but continually having to pay for shows where he is headlining is frustrating (the other being in California 2006, where we completely missed the Blossoms set and was the only reason we were there). Why they keep opening for him I don't know, and really is the bane of my existence.

Not being in a position to rock out at least made it easy to keep tabs on the setlist in real time....

  1. Follow You Down
  2. Until I Fall Away
  3. Learning The Hard Way
  4. Found Out About You
  5. Long Time Gone
  6. Miss Disarray
  7. Allison Road
  8. Til I Hear It From You
  9. Hey Jealousy

The two notable parts the show were no faggy harmonic solo in Long Time Gone, replaced with a guitar solo by Scotty J, which was really a turn out for the books and the way the song should always be played, and Learning The Hard Way was in the set list which is the first time we've heard that since being back. To be honest, it was kinda odd that they haven't been playing that, but then did in a cut down opening set.

Strange Young Things Nominated For Best Of Phoenix '09

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Cool news - Strange Young Things is nominated for Best Local Artist in this year's Best Of Phoenix by the Phoenix New Times.

Over the past 12 months their album has been my third most played record (behind Charmers Green's Remedy For Everything and The Maine's Can't Stop, Won't Stop- both of which I've had longer than Champaign Music) and I don't even have the entire record yet. Which admittedly is going to be one of the first things I fix when we get to Phoenix! So my hope is that they take it out.

They really should given the competition - Silver Medallion, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, Carvin Jones Band, Strange Young Things, The Sugar Thieves, Rizir, Hemi Dave - only three I've heard of (SYT, RC&PM and The Sugar Thieves) and The Peacemakers even being on their seems like a joke.

Voting is happening here Phoenix New Times - Best Of Phoenix Poll.


Violet Wild Opening For Better Than Ezra

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Via a myspace bulletin - Violet Wild are opening for Better Than Ezra on September 22nd at the Marquee. 3 thoughts:

  1. Sweet gig for Violet Wild
  2. Maybe they can break out Sick In Bed and In The Blood back to back [wink]
  3. We're scheduled to be in Arizona by then
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Can someone please explain to me why on earth MTV is airing Scrubs? It's great for my Scrubs fix, but WTF?

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