Where's The Grey?

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Today I've gotten around to ripping more of the CD's Katie brought from Arizona. Notably, Hans Olson's Arizona, of which the version of Where's The Grey is different to that on the Dante's Arizona soundtrack (which is from the album Where's The Grey).

In any case, when I looked at the album, it stood out, being the only Hans song on it I knew - worked out as a bonus being a different version that what I already had.
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The Poppin' Wheelies

Swallowing My Words

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A few nights ago, in assisting Katie with a download (unsuccessfully), I came across a Blossoms & Side Projects torrent, which on inspection had the Poppin' Wheelies album. The only one of interest to me, as I own every other Blossoms album and side project album.

On putting it on today, and listening to Time 4 U, I played over the usual "it's not my thing / something I'd ever need to buy" conversation in my head. If people like it fine, but it's just too sugary for me. And I'm down with sugar guilty pleasures, don't get me wrong, but Up & Down? I need more substance.

However listening to it all the way through, I have swallowed my words. While it's nothing earth shattering, it's not half as bad as I had imagined (from what I'd heard), and fairly enjoyable. No New Miserable Experience of course, but it's actually a quite decent pop record.

Consider all of my words over the past 7 years regarding it swallowed. [smile]
I'd listen to it as much as I would From Beyond The Back Burner.
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After 3 weeks of constantly mentioning the desire for MythBusters to come back on, Katie exclaimed in excitement early this week, seeing it in this week's TV guide.

I'd been dubious about it being on Saturday, rather than Monday nights - I don't do TV on Saturdays - however, lounging around watching it on a Saturday afternoon is actually pretty nice.

The new seasons is a bit weird, with these 'experts' talking, which not even Katie is familiar with. It's interesting too how behind we are with the episodes, as some of the stuff I saw on Beyond Tomorrow what seems like in the first half of last year.

In any case, we're both excited that it's back on, and while it seemed like a long time, we didn't have to wait too long. Ahhh, the little things... [smile]

Rockin' The Seas

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Ahh, Rockin' The Seas. I have been dying for the ship to sail, to hear about how bad it was, since the whole thing had started to fall apart over the last month. It was quite a treat the only account I've seen (so far) being from David Lowery! Not only because he was playing, but David's handling (or writing) when getting screwed is always value for money. [smile]

From David's blog: The Worst Gig Ever

PPPoE back

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Since the 6th of this month, annoyingly 3 days after Katie arrived, my ADSL has been flakey. After a few days and calling tech support, I at least got access back my using PPPoA on the modem, rather than bridge mode and dialing through my server. Which was a relief, to at least have internet access back, but has also been a thorn in my side running things that way, as I actually set up for the other.

Today has been a major coop, changing back to bridge mode and it actually working! Woo!

Impressive Sunset

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Today was a long, but very enjoyable day with Katie attending orentation activities at the university. Notibly for lunch we headed over to the Prince Afred Hotel for lunch, which was Katie's first "pub" experience, which was quite enjoyable.

Photobox ImageThe orientation sessions ran late into the afternoon, and on the way backc to Flinders Street on the tram I noticed the potential for a great sunset over the Yarra. We'd actually planned to catch the train at Melbourne Central, yet the tram for some reason didn't stop. This worked out perfect, as Katie indulged me in walking down to the Yarra for my photo obsession, and suspecions were right - absolutely excellent sunset over the Yarra. As we rode the train home, dusk was equally impressive. It would have been nice to have been in the city to shoot this also, the whole idea of getting home after a 12 hour day was certainly prefered! [smile] And additionally for Katie, the awaiting pancakes, what with it being Shrove Tuesday and all, which she's been looking forward to for weeks.


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So, it seems Mailshell's free service (free email domain hosting) is shutting down at the end of the month. This comes as much of a pain in the ass, as that since September I've started using it for most email sign-ups, after the Alphalink to Internode move.

So after spending time changing the email addresses for all my registrations, it looks like I have to do it again. Grr!

Ugly Fucking Betty!

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I'm so glad that Ugly Betty is on tonight! Because holy shit, I am so completely sick of the hoopla about the show which has been going on for what seems to have been going on forever! It feels like it started at the start of the year, if not November or December last year.

I'm not sure what the big deal is, and hopefully after tonight I'll stop hearing about it!

Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day today was extremely nice. Firstly with Katie and I having our first one in the same place, which alone made it definitely stand out. Additionally it was a great day.

Photobox ImageOur first stop in the big Valentine's Day celebrations was the Rialto Tower Observation Deck. The original plan was to go during the day, and then later at night, as we've done the latter before. As it turned out, the tower closed to early to fit our busy schedule of love. Which was fine, though I'm sure we will do it at night again at some point.

Going up during the day was certainly impressive, as there was much more to see, and point out, and was actually more pogniant this time around, what with Katie living here now and all. It was certainly fun seeing the Spirit Of Tasmania, and the St. Kilda Pier, and agreeing that we were both glad we didn't try to walk all that way the other day.

Photobox ImageAfter the views of the city we made our way to the Hard Rock Cafe. Our timing was really nice, getting in before the Valentine's Day rush, with most of the resturant empty when we arrived. This was perfect to both Katie and I. Funnily enough, at least to begin with, we had an American waiter. The second song that came on was I Remember You which seemed totally fitting given our watching the episodes of Supergroup that we hadn't seen, last week. It was fun commenting on how much weight Seb has put on in the fact over the last 20 years. [smile]

Photobox ImageGiven our earlier discussion about Katie wanting to try the Mac and Cheese chicken the last time we were at the Hard Rock (in Phoenix), she ordered that, while I orded the Chicken Fajita. Which obviously made me thing of Mexico, which is the last time I have had one. And brought up the weird and cool thought of, which I've thought about a few times in the last few months, how it's somewhat bizarre to think I was in Phoenix a little over 6 months ago, and here I am, living with Katie only half a year later. In anycase, the food was great. During the meal we mentioned the New Miserable Experience gold record, which we hoped was still under the R.E.M display. On finishing our meal, we headed over, to find it wasn't there. As we walked over. Just Like Heaven was playing, and Katie explained that it had been replaced with a The Church display. Under the R.E.M display no less. So, no Gin Blossoms, but pretty much every other band influencing the Gin Blossoms was going in. Cool! We did a scan of the room, before residing that maybe it'd been removed. After looking in the foyer, and the room to the left, where we both figured it would have been moved to, we gave up. Walking back into the foyer, I spotted it in the foyer, which was a major coop! It had been an absolutely great Valentine's dinner, but it just wouldn't have been complete if we hadn't found our Gin Blossoms memorabilia. [smile] We get on missions, and when we get on missions... This time around, as opposed to 6 years ago, I got to snap the gold record for our favorite album. The Hard Rock experience was now perfect. [biggrin] We discussed how it was cool that New Miserable Experience went gold here, however in highensight the award seems to be from the RIAA rather than ARIA, hence is probably based on U.S sales (which these days is around 4 times platnum).

Photobox ImageFrom there we made our way back down to the other end of Bourke Street, and down to Crown Casino. With plenty of time before the movie, which was nice to walk along the Yarra. The afternoon was perfect whether wise, and the setting sun looked great against the river. After walking along the river, with a trip to the WB Store, which was amazingly exciting for Katie, we headed up to the cinemas to watch Music & Lyrics. Which was a great Valentine's Day movie for us, not too sappy and our sort of thing. And I must say, seeing Hugh Grant as an 80's pop star in a cheesy 80's video clip was totally worth the ticket price alone! [lol]

All in all, a perfect Valentine's Day in my book.

Craig & Erin's Wedding

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Photobox ImageThis afternoon we went to Craig and Erin's wedding, which was also a good opportunity for Katie to meet all of my friends that she's heard about for years and years. On getting there, the only two people I knew were Craig and Daniel, and given we weren't that early, it made me wonder if anyone else was going to show up. The ceremony didn't start until half an hour later, and by that stage everyone had piled in. So it did end up serving as a big introduction parade for Katie.

Photobox ImageWe left around 7:15pm, as Katie was feeling tired and sick. But talk about an effort of a true trooper. 27 odd hours from Orlando, Florida to Melbourne, having a cold, and then going to the wedding. Pretty damn impressive!

Katie Melbourne Bound

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As I write this, I'm listening to selections from Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers' new disc No More Beautiful World, out March 20. Maybe We Should Fall In Love rocks my world. More on the rest later. A few seconds into it, I thought it was going to be horrible, but I was definitely wrong. And fairly fitting to hear it for the first time tonight.

So, it's now T-9 hours before Katie lands in Melbourne! Today has been great - since all the details, air fares and what not have been taken care of (2 or 3 weeks ago), the waiting has been the hardest part. Not so much hard, as fun as it is to quote Petty, but definitely with a sense of "I'm ready, just be here already!", which has been even moreso this week. Even yesterday, less so, being so close, was like that. But today, finally, with her in the air, the waiting become much easier, and turned more into excitement.

Viva la Jensen!
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