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Due to setup for the Tempe Arts Festival starting today, we ended up westbound on University to get home today. Down Maple, and obviously past old Zia. Ironically, just a day after reading that Erhardt's Schwinn next door closing.

It's the first time we've actually seen the renovated pizza joint side of the building from any close proximity. Over the past few months, from Mill Avenue the changes hadn't seemed that severe. The whole time it sat there vacant, and even when it looked like Verizon were moving it in, you could still see the old Zia there. And more recently when it the building started to go grey, it didn't take too much imagination to remember how it was. But up close, the place is barely recognizable. Not an inch of stucco left this side of Erhartd's.

It's weird and sad. And I'm sure the other side of the building is destined for the same when Ehrhartd's Schwinn closes. That's progress for you I guess.
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