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Photobox ImageFun night at Teakwoods tonight. I appreciate that it's a lot lighter when we get down there. Tonight the setting sun gave a cool desert ambiance across the stage for a good portion of the first set, which I really enjoyed. And it also made for some good photos. Set list wise the boys pulled out Time After Time which was a really cool addition to their set.

After the boys finished we didn't wait around much, heading quickly over to The Vig to see Scotty and Steve. I must say that I do appreciate that The Vig is a short jaunt down Indian School - and that Scotty & Steve play right after Josh & Bobby. It does make things economical fuel wise. If you're down in Phoenix anyway, why not make it a full night of music. Fun times.

Funny story - when we jumped in the car, we heard Water & Chemicals come on the radio - which seemed incredibly ironic, to the point where we considered running in to tell the guys. Trying to work out what the station was, and loosing the signal, things became obvious. The car parked in front of obvious have an FM transmitter and probably typically use 88.9FM for it. Entirely conceivable, because it's one of the few frequencies in the valley that doesn't have a station on it. It further made sense, as the people in the car in front of us were there to see Josh & Bobby. So despite my "hey, that's not my iPod, it's not plugged in" was true. it was actually someone else's, not the song getting a spin on the radio.

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