80's Pop Culture

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So tonight on the train, a phone rings with 80's saxamaphone song. A conversion precedes as follows:

"Who is this? Is this like...Glenn Medieros?"

"Whose Glenn Medieros?"

"He was in a big band, and then had a solo career. Wasn't he the other guy in Wham?"

"No, that was....hmmmm, who was that?"

A long discussion then insures about remembering who the other guy in Wham! was. With no resolution other than 'Andrew' (with much confusion on my part with Peter Blakley) we resided that we'd have to check with Google once home. Hence, the topic turned to what song the actual ring tone was. I got as far as knowing it was 'Never Going To Dance Again', but who knows by who - Simply Red? Air Supply?

On getting home and attempting to find out who the Wham! guy was by typing 'Andrew+Wham' into Google, it immediately came to me - 'Andrew Ridgeley'. Worked that out my own. But, still, who does the actual song we heard? Googling it was quite spooky - since, of course, it's George Micheal - from Wham!. Wieeeeeeeerd! [smile] Particularly spooky since I didn't consciously (and I'm sure otherwise) know it was George Micheal, so how did we end up in a huge discussion about Wham! in the first place? Oh, yeah, Glen Mederious! So what the fuck was his claim to fame before his solo career anyway? (The answer being nothing - thank you Wikipedia).

And for anyone interested, my association / continue confusion with Andrew Ridgeley and Peter Blakely was that Crying In The Chapel and Andrew's single Shake were in the top 40 at the same time. Ahhhh.

What an impressive tangled web of 80's pop culture for a conversion!
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Firefox 3

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In case you missed it, Firefox 3 was released yesterday. While I wasn't at all intending to upgrade immediately (I hardly ever do), I did take part in download day, downloading a copy of Firefox 3 to at least try out on a virtual machine.

I'd tried one of the release candidates earlier at work, which I didn't like after not much time at all. I think this was largely because of the IE 7 look to it. The other thing that didn't thrill me was the installation (to be along side Firefox 2) screwed up a lot of things in Firefox 2.

Despite this, I tried out Firefox 3 on a virtual machine last night. Ironically the first 3 web sites I went to (all my own) rendered quite strangely. Although I don't believe that isn't, Hitter may not be all together complient and correct HTML/XHTML, I need to check. However, my homepage certain is, and the rendering issues are quite wierd.

Guess I won't be switching over to Firefox 3 yet.
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Channel 10 Sucks

Rock Of Love Cancelled

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To our surprise and delight last Sunday I noticed, while Katie did her weekly study of the TV guide, that Channel 10 had picked up Rock Of Love. While the content isn't that exciting, I was certainly into watching it given the star of the show being Bret Michaels. If anything can make a stupid reality love show worth watching, it's a member of Poison.

However, it's been canceled before the first episode was aired. Seriously Channel 10? 4 different Big Brother shows taking god knows how many hours of air time a week, and they ax Rock Of Love? Douchbags!

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