More Last Exit Developments

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The latest on Last Exit is that Jack Maverick has purchased it, and it will re-open in the Southern and Priest location. Some good news, but you can never be too sure about what's going to happen Tempe bar scene. There was no shortage of talk of Long Wong's re-opening while I was there smoking outside of Yucca Tap, and of course, less than 7 months later, Wongs, The tattoo parlor and Cafe Boa were nothing more than a parking lot. Which it still is to this day.

On the bright side, I came across some awesome photos of the 6th Year Anniversary bash / Farewell party take by Chris Fowler: Chad Fowler Photography.

Also, it's been hard to take in with so much to do, and so little time, but the other night I was hit with the excitement and anticipation of getting to see Strange Young Things (and everyone else) very soon. Woo! Let's fake our deaths and move to Tokyo! (Or Tempe, Arizona [wink] )
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Last Exit

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So, after hearing that Last Exit was closing, over the past week and a half things have been looking up with suggestions that it wasn't going to happen. Particularly through the recent Phoenix New Times article Last Exit Lives: Tempe Bar Remaining Open Despite Rumors to the Contrary.

While things sounded up in the air, it was at least good to know there was some hope. However, out of the blue, it appears that Last Exit closed last night. Last Exit Bar & Grill May (or May Not) Be Closing Tomorrow, confirmed also on Point Of Ventre today.

Arguably the future is still unclear, but I think it's safe to say that the Last Exit on Southern & Priest is gone. The timing on it is incredibly bad. It's just over a month until we move to the U.S, and Last Exit is gone. It's kind of hard to believe.
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Given that it's our last opportunity, we decided to try make the ANZAC Day ceremonies. Something I've never done before, and seemed like an appropriate thing to do.

It's quite surprising to both of us how pathetic public transparent options for the services were, particularly the fact that there were no extra trains. Or more to the point, any trains running early to even make it into the city in time for the dawn service. Though of course, Connex were running extra trains for the 'ANZAC day' footy match. [rolleyes]

Although we woke up briefly at 3am, we didn't end up making it given the hassle it was going to be to get to the single tram running into the city for the service. Admitadly, if we'd looked into it more and earlier, we could have booked a shuttle, but still, I'm quite surprised how poor the public transport for it was.


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With about 6 weeks left to go before Operation Desert Rock kicks into full swing, I handed in my notice of resignation today.

I'd already given already given the company unofficial notice, and the news was announced publically earlier this month - I've known, and of late, so has everyone else, so the odd feeling finality of officially saying it was unexpected, but there neither the less.

I won't lie, it's a weird feeling finding a great job, in all respects, and leaving, even when it's to follow your dream. Not enough to not do it, and not be complete confident in it, but still a weird feeling.

Google Calendar & Thunderbird

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Lightning and Provider for Google Calendar have always seemed quite fickle, and prone to breakage, which is why I have always avoided ever updating them.

That is until my work calendar went pear shaped today and I tried to fix it with updating the aforementioned plugins. Of course without taking note of the versions I had installed first. [wink] So to avoid any further headaches, this is the combination I know to work.
  • Thunderburd
  • Lightning 0.7 (build 2007102304)
  • Provider for Google Calendar 0.3.1
Oh, and the work calendar problem turned out to be just a temporary Google issue. That's three hours of my life that I'll never get back! [wink]

Daylights Savings Is Ridiculous!

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Well, standard time actually...

So the clocks went back last. Completely noticable, however, having the week off, it was somewhat less painful. However, coming home from work tonight in the pitch black is pretty hard to take.

Not that I don't have this violent reaction each year when the clocks tick back to eastern standard time. And it is arguably more pronounced this year, since we moved in after daylights savings had started last year, so it's the first time we've been coming home here in the dark whehn not staying out late.

In anycase, the whole daylights savings thing seems bullshit to me. During winter, making dark hit earlier really makes sense to me. Always having daylights savings seems to make a lot more sense to me.

Only a few months before we'll be on Arizona time, where there isn't any daylight savings time change. I don't know if always being on standard time will be worse or not, but at least there won't be adjustments twice every year.

If You Book Them, They Will Come

And If You Don't, They Won't

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It was only 3 days ago on the weekend that I questioned my associate on when the hell Guest DJ Week was going to happen on The Blaze this year. Or, give how late in March it was, if it was going to happen. Since there had been no word about it.

Things have been busy the last two days, and I just checked my RSS feeds to read that, ironically, it started yesterday. And of course, Lance Wilson, who I particularly wanted to tune in for was on the first day, particularly given how good his playlist has been in the last 2 years. Lately it doesn't seem that The Blaze has been that good with advanced notice on things! [confused]
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Hungry, Hungry Firefox

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I couldn't work out why my PC was so sluggish this morning - until I opened up task manager, and saw that Firefox was using 1.14GB of memory!

Never before have I seen a process take over a GB of memory.

Firefox 3 is far from not having memory leaks as people like to claim!
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