Stephen Ashbrook's New Album

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According Buddy Edwards blog, Stephen Ashbrook's latest album is close to release. On heading over to http://www.stephenashbrook.com/ to find some info on it (which I didn't), it appears that a few songs are up for streaming.

Geronimo sounds absolutely fantastic. Might be another Rock 'N Roll for me. It also completely reminds me of Tempe. I can't help but think of Meridian Corners (amoung a whole bunch of places in the valley) listening to it.

It'd be nice to find some more info on the album, and what's on it beyond Geronimo, Carelessly and Good Life. I hope Bar Star is on it - which is probably a safe bet.


Okay, so apprently refreshing the page means that the player gets a different playlist. Thus far I've heard First Time (which I've been calling In Your Eyes), Bar Star, White Balloons.
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The Public Transport Day From Hell

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I can't believe how ridiculous my public transport experience was today. I actually left early this morning, thinking I'd get to work early, and hence leave early. All looked good, getting the Flinders Street at 8am - until there were delays with the trams. Not the worst thing in the world, except that the ones that eventually came, were absolutely packed and at best 1 person from the sea of people at the Flinders Street stop could get on. Finally I got on one at 9:45. Then, two stops into the trip, all the doors except the front one stopped working, meaning at each stop, everyone had to walk through the whole tram (which was packed like sardines) to get off, adding even more time to the trip. At the end of the day, I was half an hour early at Flinders Street, but still got to work fifteen minutes late! You write a song about a porno star, fine.

Tonight on the way home, I actually got a seat on the tram, happily listening to Major Lodge Victory, when at Domain Interchange it diverted down Park Street. At first I thought I was on the wrong tram, but getting off at the next stop was one destined for Melbourne University, which made me figure the jig was up, and jump back onto that one. Eventually I made it to Flinders Street station, even if I did miss two trains. Katie was delayed also, apparently there was an ambulance stuck on the tracks or something such.

So fine, I was delayed this morning, and a bit late tonight, but oh well, deal with it - until the Epping train terminated at Clifton Hill because of an apparent accident at Reservoir. At first it seemed, while annoying, we'd just get the next one, until it was announced there'd be no more trains to Epping until further notice. Seriously? Shit happens, but 3 major issues in 1 day!? Out of the 4 different mode / trips today, only 1 (train this morning) went smoothly!

Anyways, that's my recount of the hellish day when it came to public transport.

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This weekend was quite a weekend for birthdays. Particularly since in our group, both Craig's and mine are on the 21st.

For Craig's we went out to Bridie O'Rielly's for a drink tonight. Definitely love working in the city. Getting off work, jumping on a tram, heading down to pick up Katie at Melbourne Uni, and then heading over to Royal Parade and jumping on another tram for a 5 minute trip down to the pub is great.

Going down to meet Katie was particularly nice, not only because I don't get toi go down to Melbourne Uni as much as I used to a few months ago, it was quite cool to get to see her study carrel and get more of a look around the graduate center, where she is working. I was certainly glad I went down to pick her up, check out the loft and chill out a bit and not feel too rushed - and despite we got to the pub late, we were quite early in the sense that we were the first people there.

After getting some drinks, and a big event - Katie finally discovering a drink to make her own, we grabbed some food, which was much appreciated that they were still serving food.

In addition to everything, Katie got too see her first band in Australia. Which, was kinda lack luster, a not so great cover band Play Doh, Initially we were holding out to see the band, but once they went on, one set was all we really needed to see. I definitely thought about how 10 years ago, seeing a cover band was really cool - these days, especially in light of all the shows I've seen in Tempe, it's hard to look past how trite it is. I couldn't help but think about what Violet Wild might be up to. [smile] Cool that Katie at least got to see somewhat of a band though.

At 29...

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Time won't stand by forever if I know it's true
And I've learned not to say never, or else I'll seem the fool
At 29 you'd think I'd know better, living like a kid
It's definitely weird that the past year hasn't seem to have gone that fast - until I think of 29, and how it literally seems like yesterday I was quoting the song as I was turning 29. It is really weird thinking about it in that respect, and definitely makes me wonder if I lived up the whole 29 thing enough this year. I dunno, but I did give the track a spin this morning. It'd be interesting to consult Hitter and see how many times I've played it this year.

At least I've got a couple of hours left before the living the 29 thing is over.
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A Great Idea

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While listening to The Darkness I had a great idea. Robin & Lance Wilson, Josh Kennedy and Chico Diaz should start a ridiculous rock back in the vein of The Darkness. I can totally imagine it. It'd be rocktastic!

Not sure who would play bass, the best candidate I can think of is Brian Griffith, but given he's out of Dead Hot and probably playing bass, I don't know. Not that there aren't plenty of bass players.
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Scott Johnson

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Two years and three months after first hearing a Scotty Johnson song (live at Pranksters Too in Scottsdale Arizona) the album is finally here! Funny, I remember talking to Scotty outside of Yucca Tap Room, asking if he was going to record an album, which at the time seemed more of a pipe dream of mine, like it was yesterday. The album came out on the 16th, Katie and I finally, after a long and painful wait tonight. Rock n' roll!

While waiting all this time, not being able to wait, it's also been scary, with the idea that a studio version, while shouldn't, may not do justice to the songs you know live. It's very nice, as we're already almost through the second listen, that any fear of that was unwarranted. There are differences throughout, but, which is rare, they're great. I'm majorly impressed with the whole album.

Make It Last, which I'm not familiar with other than phone calls from Katie, was a complete surprise, because I was expecting something really slow (maybe confusing it with Need Your Love) - this song absolutely rocks, and may be one of my favorites on the record.

It's somewhat disappointing that it's the Gin Blossoms on Stop! - actually not so much disappointing, because it's cool that one of the songs is them (though I'd prefer something else), but just that Scotty doesn't sing it. The Blossoms doing Stop! with Scotty singing it would be absolutely kick ass! I'd certainly been looking forward to the Scotty version (sans the Blossoms) on record, which is arguably better (despite the fact that it's a close call), and I guess the thing that makes it less of a blow is that it looked dubious that it would ever make the Johnson record when the Blossoms started demoing it. It's the version from later in the game (circa 2006) with the reworked chorus ("Stop messing with my head"), which is quite bizarre to hear while singing "Stop! Stop! Stop!". While I prefer the original, it's cool to have a copy of that version. And to be honest, I think there is some merit to "Stop pulling the loose thread".

...To be continued.
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