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Tuesday, May 15, 2007 - 05:05:15 pm
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Today I finally got some posters up, that I've been meaning to do for a long time.

Photobox ImageRoger Clyne & The Peacemakers at the Orpheum Theatre, Flagstaff, Arizona - Saturday April 9th, 2005.

This one cost a bit to get framed, but was worth ever cent, as I got it from the show - the next morning I went back to take a photo of the marquee, ended up chatting with the owners of The Orpheum, who kindly ran inside and grabbed the remaining poster off the wall and gave it to me.

Left of it is Steve Larson's setlist, from the show, handed to me by Steve after the show.

Photobox ImageGin Blossoms Promo Photo 2002 and Just South Of Nowhere DVD cover, both signed.

I've had these since probably circa 2003, both coming from the bands manager at the time.

Photobox ImageFizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy poster.
This is really cool to have, and I've actually had this since 1996. Another one that wasn't cheap to frame, as the reverse side has a 1996 calendar, and I got a double sided frame for. Which when I got it back in Febraury I wasn't at all happy with the job that was done, and having to pay extra to get the frame on the reverse finished. Neither the less, the front side looks bitchin'.

And yes, beside it is the Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers 'Broken Dummer Tour' PHrisbee from Circus Mexicus last year.

Photobox ImageFear And Lothing In Las Vegas.
Last week, Katie called me while she was at school, excited at a poster sale, in particular Fear And Loathing posters. Immediately I had to ask if they had any of the Stedmen drawing of Johnny. Ever since I saw this photo on Flickr (which incidently is a painting the photography did, which I think is cool ass), I've wanted one.

So when Katie said they had it, I knew I needed one, and we went down and got it last Friday after my job interview. There were a variety of Fear and Loathing posters, and given they were $11 each, or 2 for $19, I decided it was better value to get to, and that the one of Johnny from the start of the movie also needed to be purchased.

I'm really glad we went down and got them, because that wall would look really bare with the other posters now up. Funnily enough, these are the only new ones. The rest I've had for years, just haven't put up.

Photobox ImageKokopeli.
And finally we got our Kokopelli, that travelled to Australia with Katie, up on the wall.

It's really taken a while to get some of these up, but it looks pretty bitchin' that they're up!
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