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Wednesday, May 23, 2007 - 09:18:50 pm
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Tonight Katie was excited, and I soon realised why - Scotty has uploaded Stop! to his myspace page - titled as Stop Tempe Version - which sounds pretty much like the Mayberry Studios demo version. It seemed like the mix was somewhat different, but that may have just been Katie's laptop.

The main point of this is that it reminded me of when Scotty put up Think I'm In initially - which I kinda reembered to be while I was still at work at Motile. however according to my blog it was August 2005. Either way, the point is the same - how long ago that was, and how long his music player went without any changes.

While listening to it, we both expected the big ending that the Blossoms do, but it wasn't there. This made me definitely think that it was a different mix from the demo CD, however on playing that, it wasn't. Quite weird, because otherwise I couldn't work out where I was used to that ending, given that that's not how the demo version goes. On doing a search, I realised that versions of Stop! by the Blossoms are few an far between, just being the XM Radio show, and the demo CD. So, I guess that we must be used to the other ending from the XM Radio show, but I would have never guessed that to be the case.
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