Monday, May 14, 2007 - 09:42:32 pm
(Posted Under: Geek)
Along with the new computer, last week I also picked up a UPS - something I have been meaning to do forever (at least 3 years), but never gotten around to.

Unfortunately I haven't thus far gotten nut to work with it, which is pretty much fine, since the main reason for it is to stop my server rebooting any time there is a slight drop out in power, which looking at my uptime (of which is also effected by restarts and kernel rebuilds) happens at least every three months. Over the weekend I thought about how I really need to give it a test out. I didn't get around to it, which turned out fine, when I woke up this morning to obnoxious beeping (which initially I assumed was Katie's phone / alarm), as the power had gone out, and the UPS did it's job.

The UPS was funny, cool to buy, not much enjoyment for the money sent - until the power goes out and my server continues to run. [smile] Sweet. I really should have done this years ago.

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