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Swallowing My Words

Tuesday, February 27, 2007 - 03:28:18 pm
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A few nights ago, in assisting Katie with a download (unsuccessfully), I came across a Blossoms & Side Projects torrent, which on inspection had the Poppin' Wheelies album. The only one of interest to me, as I own every other Blossoms album and side project album.

On putting it on today, and listening to Time 4 U, I played over the usual "it's not my thing / something I'd ever need to buy" conversation in my head. If people like it fine, but it's just too sugary for me. And I'm down with sugar guilty pleasures, don't get me wrong, but Up & Down? I need more substance.

However listening to it all the way through, I have swallowed my words. While it's nothing earth shattering, it's not half as bad as I had imagined (from what I'd heard), and fairly enjoyable. No New Miserable Experience of course, but it's actually a quite decent pop record.

Consider all of my words over the past 7 years regarding it swallowed. [smile]
I'd listen to it as much as I would From Beyond The Back Burner.
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