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PhotosWednesday, February 14, 2007 - 07:47:22 pm
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Valentine's Day today was extremely nice. Firstly with Katie and I having our first one in the same place, which alone made it definitely stand out. Additionally it was a great day.

Photobox ImageOur first stop in the big Valentine's Day celebrations was the Rialto Tower Observation Deck. The original plan was to go during the day, and then later at night, as we've done the latter before. As it turned out, the tower closed to early to fit our busy schedule of love. Which was fine, though I'm sure we will do it at night again at some point.

Going up during the day was certainly impressive, as there was much more to see, and point out, and was actually more pogniant this time around, what with Katie living here now and all. It was certainly fun seeing the Spirit Of Tasmania, and the St. Kilda Pier, and agreeing that we were both glad we didn't try to walk all that way the other day.

Photobox ImageAfter the views of the city we made our way to the Hard Rock Cafe. Our timing was really nice, getting in before the Valentine's Day rush, with most of the resturant empty when we arrived. This was perfect to both Katie and I. Funnily enough, at least to begin with, we had an American waiter. The second song that came on was I Remember You which seemed totally fitting given our watching the episodes of Supergroup that we hadn't seen, last week. It was fun commenting on how much weight Seb has put on in the fact over the last 20 years. [smile]

Photobox ImageGiven our earlier discussion about Katie wanting to try the Mac and Cheese chicken the last time we were at the Hard Rock (in Phoenix), she ordered that, while I orded the Chicken Fajita. Which obviously made me thing of Mexico, which is the last time I have had one. And brought up the weird and cool thought of, which I've thought about a few times in the last few months, how it's somewhat bizarre to think I was in Phoenix a little over 6 months ago, and here I am, living with Katie only half a year later. In anycase, the food was great. During the meal we mentioned the New Miserable Experience gold record, which we hoped was still under the R.E.M display. On finishing our meal, we headed over, to find it wasn't there. As we walked over. Just Like Heaven was playing, and Katie explained that it had been replaced with a The Church display. Under the R.E.M display no less. So, no Gin Blossoms, but pretty much every other band influencing the Gin Blossoms was going in. Cool! We did a scan of the room, before residing that maybe it'd been removed. After looking in the foyer, and the room to the left, where we both figured it would have been moved to, we gave up. Walking back into the foyer, I spotted it in the foyer, which was a major coop! It had been an absolutely great Valentine's dinner, but it just wouldn't have been complete if we hadn't found our Gin Blossoms memorabilia. [smile] We get on missions, and when we get on missions... This time around, as opposed to 6 years ago, I got to snap the gold record for our favorite album. The Hard Rock experience was now perfect. [biggrin] We discussed how it was cool that New Miserable Experience went gold here, however in highensight the award seems to be from the RIAA rather than ARIA, hence is probably based on U.S sales (which these days is around 4 times platnum).

Photobox ImageFrom there we made our way back down to the other end of Bourke Street, and down to Crown Casino. With plenty of time before the movie, which was nice to walk along the Yarra. The afternoon was perfect whether wise, and the setting sun looked great against the river. After walking along the river, with a trip to the WB Store, which was amazingly exciting for Katie, we headed up to the cinemas to watch Music & Lyrics. Which was a great Valentine's Day movie for us, not too sappy and our sort of thing. And I must say, seeing Hugh Grant as an 80's pop star in a cheesy 80's video clip was totally worth the ticket price alone! [lol]

All in all, a perfect Valentine's Day in my book.

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