Everything I Tell You Very Well Could Be A Lie!

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Today I got my vaccinations (precautionary for Mexico) out of the way. I'm pretty much set to go.

On getting home, I threw on Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy. Banditos sounds extremely rockin' today, kinda as fresh as it did 10 years ago. Then hitting Nada, I noticed something I have never noticed before. "I've been away from the living". I'd always sung "...been away from living...".

Mentioning this to Katie uncovered another misheard Nada lyric - in the following phrase, I've again always sung "I don't need the people givin'". Getting a strange reaction from Katie, prompted me to listen closely, which once I did, I heard that it's "I don't need to be forgiven." - "I've been away from the living, I don't need to be forgiven".

It's strange having listened to an album for 10 years (it'd be interesting to know how many times I've listened to Fizzy over the last 10 years - I know it's a fucking lot!) and to have some lyrics wrong after all that time. Some that you're not sure about, fine, but both of those examples I didn't doubt at all, and is weird realising the lyrics are something else.

The moral? There ain't no moral to this story at all.
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