Your PC Protection Ends Today

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"Your PC Protection Ends Today" - as such an email proclaims today, from McAfee. Thank freakin' god! McAfee was preinstalled on my laptop, and it has been the bain of my fucking existance!! Everytime I turn the thing on, I get the goddamn a popup for updating Virus Scan, Spam Killer (which I don't use), or the Firewall (which I don't use). An absolute pain in the ass (as was disabling Spam Killer and the Firewall perminantly! Not to mention how annoying the update process for Virus Scan - through a webpage, rather than directly from the app. Even Microsoft got that right in Windows Update (which is saying somethin'!).

I'm not entirely against having virus and firewall protection on a laptop - although, it would be nice to be able to carry around a proper firewall with your laptop [wink], but I'm glad that the trial period is up, so I can get rid of McAfee and all of it's annoyance. It means I have to look into an alternative (clam-av, who knows for a firewall - I wish someone would port Netfilter to Windows! [wink] ), but...I'll be so glad to get rid of this crap!
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Simple Minded Way

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On Tuesday I got Simple Minded Way from K-T for our anniversary. Great album, I'm really enjoying it.

At the moment, my favorite tracks are definately the ones I already know Wishing We Weren't So, Little Birds and To Saione. Added to that list (of favorites and previously heard) is also Sail On, though I prefer the previously mentioned ones more. The two other notible mentions at this point are Weight On My Mind, Phoenix In Your Footsteps and Long Shot. Though still, the first three mentioned are definately the absolute stand outs. I'm certainly enjoying the whole record though. I think it's all I've been playing all week.

Funnily, in Little Birds I had been singing "I will be your football", which...was pretty funny. It's become obvious this week that the lyric is "foot fall". Still, the misheard lyric would make a great video - Robby Wilson morphing into a football - it'd be great! Or at least hilarious! [smile]

All things considered, this record has seemed to come out really quickly. I recall first hearing of The Longshadows in the second half of last year. On which note, when I did (previous to hearing the 4 tunes on myspace, which certainly changed things) I didn't take too much notice of the project. But, and even though it's early days, I think this is my favorite Wilson offering outside of the Blossoms.
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