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"Four Unlike Before" on iTunes

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Hmmm, a fairly ironic statement given that the latest Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers E.P "Four Unlike Before" is exclusively avaliable on iTunes. Way to go limiting your buying audience!

I sucked it up and downloaded iTunes today (thank god for 'junk' virtual machines), and fired up a search on "Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers", to at least preview the tracks - with no search results. I expect this is due to iTunes connecting to the Australia iTunes website, which, I assume doesn't carry this EP. Nice. I don't feel like giving Apple my credit card details to find out whether this is why, or whether it's because I'm not "Signed Up".

Up until now I've kinda ignored the whole iTunes thing - but as a result of Four Unlike Before and threads on the Watering Hole I've learnt a bit more about it now, and I can't say that I am in any way impressed. The fact that the audio uses lossless compression, is an immediate strike, but one I was kinda willing to look past. But I am appauled that not only is the audio compressed, it's not MP3 format - it's I guess an Apple propritary format M4P, and the only way (apparently) to get it to another format is to burn it to CD, then rip and re-encode it. Yuk! Any artist that releases music exclusively on iTunes can kiss my green goodbye.

From reviews of the EP, of course it doesn't seem like I'm missing much:

1. Mexicosis (Virtuoso Kazoo Demo)
2. Sleep Like A Baby (Acoustic Alternate)
3. Never Thought (Acoustic Alternate)
4. Counterclockwise (La Playa Version)

I'm guessing that Mexicosis is the same version that Roger debuted on KZON a few weeks ago - no loss there - aside from having it from the broadcast, it's a pretty appauling song - I sort of still can't believe RC&PM have succumbed to producing something like Mexicosis. Sleep Like A Baby and Never Thought sound like they could be good. By all accounts from what I have heard, the version of Counterclockwise is cringe worthy - which is a crime in itself, because it's such a great song.

That aside, I would actually buy this EP if it was released on CD. Not a hope in hell off of iTunes. Bring back the pony Roger!

Harsh maybe, but even my favorites are open as to critisism they are praise. And I must say, the koolaid (certainly in this respect) is starting to taste bitter. If this becomes avaliable on CD in Mexico, I will change my tune, but at this point...
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