Reliving Flagstaff!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005 - 07:11:50 pm
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One thing I failed to mention about the Peacemakers @ Flagstaff - on return to Tempe, I got an IM from someone who was interested in the setlist for the show, as he'd recorded the video and audio. Not only did I see the Peacemakers in the flesh, but I was able to a show to my already extremely large collection of Peacemakers bootlegs that I was at!

I arranged to have the CD sent to Tempe, but apparently it was returned to sender. But, it arrived (here in Melbourne) today! The audio anyway, still got to look into getting the DVD (which is going to be soooo cool). It's too cool to have the show I was at on CD. Out of all my Peacemakers boots (got to be pushing 90 these days), this is obviously my favorite!

It's soooo freakin' cool cool reading the track list off of Steve's setlist setting right in front of me.

Such a great show - scored Steve's setlist, got a venue poster the next day, now have the audio and hopefully will get the video soon.

I was a banker out of money, but I wouldn't change a thing.

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