Shoot Straight, From The Hip Y'All

Sunday, May 15, 2005 - 12:54:34 pm
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Today I finally opened up Ghetto Cowgirl's 'Excuses For Losers' (debut album), which I'd picked up at Zia's my second day in Tempe, as I'm fearful of wearing out Ten Tons (latest, also brought at Zia's that day).

Since I've been back all I've really listened to has been Ten Tons and the Marc and Thomas Yucca recording (27/04) that Alan recorded and gave to me, my last night there. So finally breaking opening Excuses, I was looking forward to hearing Same Sad Story it being on of my favorites from the Yucca recording, and seeing Marc all those times I did. However, it's a suprise that the coolest part of the song isn't in the recorded version. It seems a whole first verse has been added, since Excuses was recorded...

Momma's gone crazy because her baby's cut down
By some teenage cop chase, war out of bounds
Was the wrong time, wrong place, wrong end of the gun

Shoot straight, from the hip y'all
Soft gun and the trigger slipped
Well, could have been, could have been your brother
Shoot straight, shoot to kill, yeah
Blame your each other, blame yourself
God is a bullet, have mercy on everyone

Yay for having the acoustic recording from the 27th! Not only because I was there, but because that intro is the best part of the song.

Speaking of which, I miss going down to Yucca and seeing Marc play.

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