Shooting The Moon

Monday, April 18, 2011 - 09:49:31 pm
(Posted Under: Photography)
The moon over for the past few nights have been ridiculously awesome.

And that there moon has been something that I've wanted to be able to photograph better and was looking forward to doing with the new camera. And while I can't say that my attempts since getting it haven't been better, but still they've been far from the sort of results I've wanted and haven't been able to nail.

So the impressive displays the moon has put on over the last few nights has been a good opportunity to get some practice in. Finally tonight I've finally gotten it down with adding spot metering into the settings mix. Nice!

Photobox Image

Of course, that's at least a 60% crop on the image. But the lighting is right. And given the 10 grand for a 600mm lens (which may or may not actually zoom enough anyway), I'm more than happy to be content with getting the lighting / exposure down.

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