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Saturday, April 16, 2011 - 12:57:47 pm
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Despite the late one we had last night, we were up at 9 this morning for Record Store Day. After missing out on t-shirts last year, we'd learned our lesson and weren't going to wait to long to go down to Zia. With that said, we hadn't heard anything about RSD t-shirts this year, but I was going to be surprised if Zia didn't have any this year.

We got there about 9:45. Which was too late for most Record Store Day exclusives (which was fine, the only thing we were half interested in was the Foo Fighter's Rare Meat release), but thankfully not for the Zia Records Super Pack - which let's face it, was 95% of the reason we were there. Although, I hadn't seen that advertised. Including Zia's Record Store Day 2011 t-shirt, 30th Anniversary Glass and You Heard Us Back When...Vol 5 - for $5! Hello! We'll have two please! Given that we'd brought one of the glasses a while back for $3 - $4 and eventually found at least Katie a Record Store Day 2010 t-shirt (in Tucson) for $8, this was a bargain. For $5 bucks for all of that, we were totally both getting t-shirts this year. We ended up with a whole bunch of Zia stash thrown in the bag. Love you Zia.

In addition to the Record Store Day stash, we picked up Wasting Light. Seemed fitting to pick that up today at Zia. And proves that the White Limo thing was a great marketing idea. [wink]

Once leaving the Tempe store on University we headed down to the Chandler store, just to check on whether they had any copies of Rare Meat. No such luck, but that was fine. We were down there closer to noon, and by all accounts it's seemed like they were out of the Super Pack. So we were glad we didn't screw around and got down to the Tempe store nice and early.

The trip down to Chandler proved worthwhile, as I found an original pressing of Satellite's Drive. Yet another nice find down at the Chandler store.

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