Elvis Before Noon @ Upper Deck

With Special Guest T-Roy

PhotosFriday, October 30, 2009 - 11:59:17 pm
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Photobox ImageTonight was a lot of fun. Rocking up to the Upper Deck, two surprises waiting in stall for us. The first was that Troy was on stage sound checking his bass. Too cool. The second was that the entire band was in Halloween get up. The most impressive was Daylon's by far. Scotty was going to be a zombie groom, but bailed on the zombie part. Still, the zombie arm on the stage provided comic relief! Ringo was Ace Venture - and it was really great that Scotty explained that to us before the show, because although it was a really good Ace costume, we would have just taken it as Ringo dressing like Ringo. And Troy was the dictator. Photos will explain that.

Aaron showed up not to long after us, and the bar seemed pretty jamming compared to last week, no doubt because of Halloween. On the way down we saw a slew of bike riders in costume riding down Scottsdale Road and when I went out for a smoke it looked like a lot of them had gone to Dos Gringos across the road.

Photobox ImageThe show was as always really good, and quite funny at times with the whole costumes thing. And it was really so cool getting to see Troy play with Scotty again (for me, it's been three years). The number of songs they played seemed like less than last week (I'm confident they went on earlier last week). Scotty was instructing Troy a lot obviously, but it was cool to see soulful Troy re-appear on the songs he knew - like when Daylon broke a string and Scotty launched into Get Drunk All The Time. I also really enjoyed a bunch of oddly dressed guys (particularly Daylon) doing Gin Blossoms songs - there was just something cool and enjoyable about that!

Having been here for just over a week now, I think we were both more comfortable in our surroundings these week which added to the fun tonight.

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