My First Domo Show

All 10 Minutes Of It

Saturday, October 24, 2009 - 11:02:37 pm
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Today has been a really good day, but seeing Domo was a bit of a bust. Sometimes something just has to give. Actually, tracing things back, it was really all due to not emptying the storage unit...

After grocery shopping - yes, our third day here and we've only just gotten to that - read into that regarding our priorities what you may [smile] - we had plenty of food options, but with all of them, either nothing to cook it with, or nothing to eat it with. Except for the fries that we brought, that we started cooking up at the last minute. Due to them not cooking quick enough, we didn't get out of the apartment until 9pm, which was when the show started. We got to Hollywood Alley in 15 minutes, and I didn't think that missing a couple of songs would be a problem - if the band even went on right at 9 anyway. And there lies the problem. Not only did they probably go on right at 9, but the set was 25 minutes long, probably due to the number of bands on the bill.

So right after paying our $10 cover charge, we heard Jason announce their last song! If only we'd spent more time outside and heard that before paying. Luckily for us, for whatever reason, the continued playing, and we at least got to see 3 songs from Domo. A bit disappointing, since it was an effort to go out since we've been so busy and are tired, and it was kind of an expensive cover for 3 songs by Domo (our initial plan was to see Domo and then come home to sleep). You win some, you loose some I guess. I did however technically get to break my Domo cherry, and also got to see Hollywood Alley for the first time, which seems like a really cool bar.

Tear down and set up times between sets was very impressive, and the second band had started while we were still outside having a smoke. My plan was to hear the first song, see if they sucked and leave if so. If they didn't suck - well, let's face it, when does a band you didn't go to see not suck? Never! Unless it's convenient for you for them to suck - ala tonight! [wink] We sat around for a few songs, and we decided that Katie would chill out in the car and I'd go back in, to at least get a bit more out of my $5! [smile] I'm glad that I did, because I enjoyed watchuing those guys - who I can only assume were Hard Girls. Strangely, their style wasn't my typical thing, but there was something about them that made them well worth seeing. After their set it was past 10, and while I was tempted to do the "I'll wait to see if they suck" with the next band, the prospect of them not, and hence being lured to stay out longer (given our tiredness) was enough to be able to call it a night. And anyway, given our tiredness, our initial plan was to see Domo and then get some sleep, so in theory I got enough out of the cover charge that we were planning to get anyway.

With that said, I'm looking forward to getting to see Domo properly in the future. I think next time we'll make more of an effort to be on time, and will be more selective about how many others are on the bill. The upshot is that their new record should be coming out soon, hence there should in theory be some opportunities? Can anybody say CD release party!? [smile]

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