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Saturday, December 31, 2005 - 11:29:18 pm
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So, 2005 has been a pretty big year.

The biggest event, by far was seeing Katie again, and finally experiencing Tempe, Arizona, and everything that goes along went with that. A notable mention there (to avoid rehashing everything that was blogged in April) includes seeing the Gin Blossoms in the flesh, and meeting the whole band. The girl, the rock, the desert, the highlight of 2005 without a doubt.

The next big highlight of 2005 was no doubt beginning working for a NASDAQ listed company, designing and implementing an email and internet system for airlines, for use inflight. Kinda still bizarre to look back to the first half of the year, and then think that I spent the second half doing that, and have had my work literally demoed all over the world in the last few months.

Another cool part of 2005 was seeing Danny White (ex Roger Clyne and The Peacemmakers) in Melbourne, touring with Kevin Montgomery and meeting / chatting with Danny after the show. It's really cool that I got to see the rest of the Peacemakers in April, and got to see Danny the same year. Another highlight from that night was hearing a Gin Blossoms song played live in Melbourne! (Not quite as cool as hearing the Gin Blossoms do a Gin Blossoms song in the States, but still...) Kevin and the band breaking into Cajun Song that night was the coolest. This year I saw the Gin Blossoms do Cajun Song in Solana Beach, CA in April, and then Kevin Montgomery do it in Melbourne 5 months later. Did I say it's been a really good year.

Another cool part of this year has been the Creamy Radio / Live Exit broadcasts, and rediscovering the Tempe music scene again. Not that I really lost that, but this year has been certainly been like a rediscovery, and following the scene closely again. The Creamy Radio Live Exit broadcasts have certainly made that easier.

That sums up the monumental moments of 2005 (very briefly). It's been such a good year, with many more little moments which either don't warrant mention in print, or do but I don't want to spew out all over the internet. [wink] In anycase, 2005 has truely rocked.
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