New Years Eve

Saturday, December 31, 2005 - 09:04:05 pm
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Today I made another big techological buy - a digital camera, which I've wanted for a while - well, since I was in Arizona. It was an interesting day for heading into the city, given they who 44 degrees thing. Talk about friggin' hot! In anycase, I brought a Nikkon 6.2 megapixel cammera, with 5x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. I like. However, it wasn't until after that I realised it doesn't have a conventional view finder, only a digital display (upside is that it's a chunky one). That takes a bit of getting used to. Maybe it's not too friendly to batteries either - oh well. Overall I really like the camera.

Much of the afternoon was spent playing around with it, both just learning how to use it, and trying to get a couple of good shots, that I've been waiting months to do. Tonight I took a lot of cool photos of my guitar. When I have a chance, I'll organise them, and link them here.

NYE wasn't a huge even due to the lack of things going on. This worked out okay, as I was pretty tired, and was happy enough to play with my new toy. A couple of Johnny Walkers, and about 500+ photos (most deleted) wasn't too bad.
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