Another Sunday Afternoon With Creamy Radio

Sunday, December 4, 2005 - 05:36:51 pm
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Another Sunday afternoon listening to the musings of Last Exit and Creamy Radio. Or should that be Last Exit on Creamy Radio. Or the musings of bands at Last Exit on Creamy Radio. [wink]

Currently Shelby James and The Crying Shames are doing their thing. Rather enjoyable. I think there was a missed opportunity to see them in Tempe when I was there.

Whalen, who I've seen before (opening for the Blossoms in Santa Ana, CA) opened the set. I wasn't a big fan, way too old country for me. I didn't catch their set, I was otherwise occupied earlier, but will listen to it later as I had tape rolling.

Greyhound Soul are headlining. I heard (at least part) of one of the guys from Greyhound Soul acoustic months ago on a Creamy Broadcast - ah, opening for the Stephen Ashbrook show. Not knowing Greyhound Soul at all (though PC was on bass) I wasn't going to listen / record it, but did at the last minute, missing some undetermined amount at the moment. As it turns out, they stuff I did catch was pretty cool. So I'm interested to see what Greyhound Soul are like tonight.

To be continued I guess. [smile]
Now Playing: Creamy Radio - Willie Nelson and Friends - Dead Flowers (with Ryan Adams, Hank Williams III and Keith Richards)

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